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Added more junk / made changes to the wishlist, price went up. Andy - thoughts on the current?
I just go down the line...

Silverstone case...quality stuff, if you like the looks and want the HTPC style, I'd say good idea.

2 60mm fans...I see you got a pair that are 1k rpm slower than the ones that come with the case...dont bother with them. If you find the stock fans too noisy, you can undervolt them and run them at 7 volts by wiring them to the 12 and 5 volt leads.

It sort of sounds like you might want to upgrade to C2D maybe in the future...and now the madness begins...

Memory: $60 more will get you this:
Seems this is the recently discovered very good overclockable memory for cheap (gives you the needed bandwidth when messing with the FSB speeds to overclock that C2D). OC'ing is stupid easy with massive gains using the C2D, so if you buy one, you will probably take the free horsepower available in these CPU's

On this same train of thought...$62 more will get you this:
This will work great for a nice easy OC for that C2D using the stock Intel cooler and cooling capacity of the case you picked. I'd say maybe 30% more MHz just using the Intel cooler and the thermal solution of that case

And while you are at it, might as well just get a C2D:
For a mere $89.00 more you can have one

Check into that new Allendale version of the C2D, I notice that they have a slower FSB stock, so maybe you will be able to use dirt cheap memory and still overclock nicely as the multipliers are boosted to get the CPU speed in this series it would seem. That might save a nice chunk of $ on the memory purchase.

Oh yeah, maybe change that DVD burner to a SATA variety, no big IDE cables to block airflow in that case. 20x is meaningless if the media isnt cooperating.

I'm unclear why you have a gigabit router and a wireless card. You wont get gigabit over that wireless, unless you are using that $$ router for some other computers hardwired?