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jonnyc how does morphine sulfate compare to Oxycontin as far as making you feel? Oxycontin i feel ok on , except at night i cant sleep and lunesta doesn't punch through it. i need to take amitriptyline to help with sleep, since i really don't want to take a stronger sleep med if i can avoid it.
how did you compare the oxycontin to morphine sulfate as far as constipation? oxycodone constipated the hell out of me, but Oxycontin doesn't seem to. just looking for other people experiences. i take lyrica too, it really speeds up the motility of my bowels, so that may off set the oxycontin.
I wasn't on Oxycontin that long but MS makes me feel fine all day. I feel a bit groggy in the morning till it kicks in and then my mood changes for the better. As for sleep, I sleep well on it. Its when I don't take it I struggle a little to sleep. I also don't suffer at all with constipation on MS and if I did I'd take movicol.