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Thread: Relative as a PCA?

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    Relative as a PCA?

    Can a close relative or family member be paid as your PCA?
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    Depends on the state.

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    In P.A. my mom is my PCA. It just cant be a spouse. anty
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    I'm also in PA and my aunt was my PCA when i was home, she just basically cleaned the house for extra cash
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    oops.. see post #7
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    My son's caregiver is my mother (his grandmother), while I'm at work. She is paid to do this. We also live in PA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quartermile
    Can a close relative or family member be paid as your PCA?
    I'm assuming you are on Medicaid? In Ga., yes under the ICWP (Independant Care Waiver Program) that Medicaid offers.

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    I am my sons care giver, hear in California we have IHSS(In Home Supportive Services) I took a two hour class and get 8.50 an hour for 6.16 hours a day, see if your state has IHSS, good luck

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    IHSS is only a CA program. Every state's attendant care program is different in both what is covered, who is eligible, and who can serve as a PCA. In addition, every state calls it something else.

    Wherever you are, your local ILC should be a good source of information about eligiblity, who you can hire, application processes, etc.


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    Hello, I just got my ILC management training in Bangkok last month. I was talking to a colleague about this issue and we both agreed that this is in conflict with the philosophy of ILC.

    In a case like this, I would suggest that you just trade PAs or PCAs with another client on a similar case. But then, as KLD said it's already acceptable ion some ILCs

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