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Thread: Helping Hands Service Monkeys

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    Helping Hands Service Monkeys

    Saw a story on the national NBC news about them. Anyone here have one? how good are they at helping? and how do you handle their "Personal care" I assume you walk them like a dog, or do they use a litter box. I am really curious.

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    Hi Daven, I'm the outreach manager here at Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers. We have placed over 160 monkeys and have stories and videos on line from our clients talking about their experiences with a monkey helper. Monkeys are potty trained to go to their cage, and cage papers are changed several times a day. They do not go outside or need to be walked. They get their exercise by being with their human companion doing tasks for them. I welcome any more questions.

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    Daven, I have Toby. She came to me from the Helper Monkey program as a service animal: but I wouldn't tell her that, no way. She prefers that I refer to her as my "little person" I don't know how I would suffer through months of winters in NY house-bound as I tend to be without Toby's company. I don't know what I'd do without her: but they're not for everybody. The monkeys are a commitment and a half, only there's no greater sense of companionship in return.
    Jaye, I'm not yet familiar with, however he seems to know his stuff. Stick with him if you're interested, and speak with Megan Talbert, program director. I can't say enough about her, except that the world would be better off if only there were more people like her, she's that fantastic.

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