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Thread: FDA warns Las Vegas doctor over stem cell implants

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    FDA warns Las Vegas doctor over stem cell implants

    FDA warns Las Vegas doctor over stem cell implants

    WASHINGTON (AP) - A Las Vegas doctor has been implanting stem cells harvested from placentas into patients with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and other diseases in violation of federal law, according to a warning letter released by health officials Thursday.

    Dr. Alfred Sapse failed to properly obtain, store, test and process the placentas, as well as screen both the suitability of the donors and the patients given the human tissue, according to the Food and Drug Administration letter. At least 16 patients received the stem cells, the FDA said.


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    "Since the late 1980s, doctors have used blood from the placenta and umbilical cord as a source of adult stem cells. The cells develop to form the major components of blood: infection-fighting white blood cells, oxygen-carrying red blood cells and clot-forming platelets. Because of that ability, they're frequently transplanted, typically in children, to treat blood disorders like leukemia and lymphoma."

    since the 1980's...and still one cannot get a combination therapy, treatment, injection, WHATEVER for paralysis here in the U.S....I just don't get that.
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    oh well

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