I have a '93 caravan bought used after my accident ('99) for $14k w/ 72k miles on it. Cashed in a CD for part of it, had friends/family/church chip in for part... not entirely sure how it was covered but it was. It now has > 180k miles and is showing signs of wear, to say the least (shut up in advance, Mary). Don't think I have a pic lying around, but can snap one later if you really want. It has served me well, but is about to retire.

New ride is an '04 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I gave up on the minivan thing. $22k or so financed through Chrysler, added a ton of modifications to it that I haven't wanted to add up the cost for yet, but they weren't cheap (then again neither is dropping a minivan floor & such). Grandparents felt sorry for me b/c of my van (haha), so they chipped in a good bit for the mods. The rest has been out of pocket from work & savings.