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Thread: Looking for a Pivot Pole...

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    Looking for a Pivot Pole...

    ... or something similar.
    Apparantly the company is no longer making this devise with forearm support which I think, with some practice, would allow me to get in and out of bed on my own. Does anyone know of a similar product or have an extra one hanging around?

    Karen M

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    I assume you can stand but are weak, and have limited use of your hands, correct?

    Here is a similar one:


    There was also one I saw recently (in one of those card sets you get in the mail) but I cannot find it now. Will look for it.


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    Lifestand has a product they call the Transbounder, which seems similar to the Turn-safe. I don't know it's price.

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    That was the one I was trying to find. Not sure if you can use this without a good grip though.


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    Thank you but I think that I will have to continue my search for a forearm style PivotPole. My grip is prety good but I can't raise mmy arms up high for that takes strength that I do not have. There must be one out there for me! I'll keep looking.

    Karen M

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