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Thread: Stem cell buzz may help industry

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    Stem cell buzz may help industry

    Stem cell buzz may help industry

    By Steve Mitchell Jan 18, 2007, 0:04 GMT

    WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- Stem cell companies may benefit from the buzz surrounding the field generated by the anticipated clash between Congress and President Bush and increased regulatory attention being given to adult stem cell products.

    Companies focused on embryonic stem cell therapeutics have issued releases about their research recently in an apparent attempt to capitalize on the increased attention on the field after the House passed legislation last week that would relax restrictions on federal funding for the research.

    Both chambers of Congress passed a similar bill last year, but Bush vetoed it and is expected to continue his opposition this year. House Democrats last week were hopeful they could garner enough votes to override a veto, but they fell short of the votes they would need to do so.

    Advanced Cell said Wednesday it plans to hold a conference for investors on Friday to 'to discuss recent progress and events with respect to the company`s initiatives to develop stem cell-based therapies for a range of diseases and conditions.'

    The firm also announced earlier this week that it was awarded a federal grant from the National Institutes of Health for research focused on gaining a better understanding of how embryonic stem cells develop and differentiation into specific types of cells and complex tissues.

    Geron said Wednesday new research indicates GRNOPC1, a potential human embryonic stem cell-based therapeutic for spinal cord injury, produces multiple nerve growth factors that stimulate survival and regeneration of damaged neurons in animal models.


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    Yay! Agreed. Momentum is building and this is one way. Scott.

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