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Thread: About M. Bohbot's clinic

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    About M. Bohbot's clinic

    This is the 3rd day at Bohbot's place, for my son Francesco, 6yo, ASIA A C7/C8 (but indeed T4/T5) defined complete (but probably not), 6 months post SCI.
    M. Bohbot is a very nice and caring person that involves with patients. Francesco has until now had three 15 mins. long sessions of laserpuncture: they are uninvasive, he hasn't felt anything, was just very tired and nervous after the first one, but afterwards was normal.
    Here there are people from US, GB, Canada, Spain and France; some of them have had olfative cells transplant.
    Contrary to what is said also on this forum, at Bohbot's there is no phisyotherapy at all!! Indeed there is no phisyotherapist, exept, I was told, during August. There is just a well-equiped gymn with a lot of bycicles, a treadmill, 3 or 4 presses, standing machines etc. Before and after the lasertherapy sessions, if you want, you exercise freely in the gymn.
    If you exercise at home, as Francesco does and as everybody should, you should be exactly doing the same things you do everyday (actually a friend said he exercises less here than at home..).
    If there is some positive result of laserpuncture, as many report even here, it can only be due to the same therapy, because no physio at all is subministered.
    As regarding Francesco, I do not know if the 3 sessions he has had until now have helped at all, but I know that this morning M. Bohbot tested my son reflexes and, to our disbielief, all the reflexes were present (achillean, rotulean, abdominal, etc.). Just one month ago Francesco had been tested in Austria and there wasn't any reflex.
    We will see.

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    TommasoSr, good luck to your son, and thank you for posting and letting us know about the therapy. Always is nice to hear good results.

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