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    fes bike

    i have had 10 months. i have noticed the last 2 weeks as it makes its active transition it will hesitate as its going up then around 93 will stop go backwards
    sometimes the best yet to 86 and slowly go up took that time almost 10 minutes. ususally though is get 94 then goes back to 90 then stays still for about 45 sec then starts a slow climb backand forth till 100 takes anywhere from 1 minute to 4 min.i am excited its been 5 long yrs but my muscles are trying

    anyone else have this and go on to more

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    I hav the RT-300S and have only seen my stim less than 100 for very short periods (3 minutes at the beginning around 80%) and only sporadically. I usually try to pedal several times during the session and have been able to get down to about 96% when 'trying' but I think that I may be pushing with my abs down onto my quads sometimes. I think it will get better with time. Keep working!
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    i am really excited have a phone call in to judy last nite i went for 30 minutes
    with it between 92 to99. something positive is going on.and i am 5 yrs post

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