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Thread: OMG... Don had a caramel candy in his shoe!

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    Red face OMG... Don had a caramel candy in his shoe!

    Don was taking off his shoes tonight and out popped a square caramel candy from his right shoe!! He said he knew he was a complete injury because he didn't know it was in the shoe all day. Luckily... it got soft with the heat from the foot. And luckily, the shoes he wears are roomy!
    I carefully examined the foot and by some miracle, he escaped the dreaded "caramel foot".

    So... now he will shake his shoes out before putting them on! YIKES!


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    We had something similar yesterday, with a square of chocolate. Good thing our spouses aren't eating hard candy!
    - Richard

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    Heard a story in rehab about a quad who lost all his toes on one foot. The caregiver didn't remove the wad of tissue paper from the toe of a new shoe, and he wore them like this for months .
    Oh, and on a MUCH lighter note. I once found a rabbit fur mouse cat toy in one of my shoes. I tried to put on my shoe and my foot wouldn't go in. So I reached in felt fur, screamed and threw the shoe . The "mouse" fell out in the floor. Can cats laugh ?

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    oh well

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    I had "lost" my wallet for 4 days, was getting ready to cancel everything, when I thought: Hey, this shoe is kind of difficult to get on today. I wonder why? Oh, look, my wallet.

    -- JB

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    Well, my Dad's not SCI, but this is kinda funny...he had a heart attack a few years back, and my Uncle brought him a pair of new bedroom shoes to the hospital...NICE bedroom shoes...

    My Dad was all happy, and my Uncle was putting them on his feet...he got them out of the box, and bent over and got my Dad's foot and started trying to make it go in...and it wouldn't...

    WHAT size shoe did you say you wore???


    Well, these SHOULD fit...

    You aren't getting your WHOLE FOOT in here...PUSH!!!!!!

    I ***AM*** pushing!!!!!

    Push HARDER!!!

    I (AM!!!!!)...

    AND then...

    My Uncle takes the shoe, looks in it...and yeah...paper wad in the toe...

    I HOWLED...


    And then explained to my Uncle...HOW can you go teach school when you don't have common sense enough to get the paper out of a shoe???!!!

    (Brotherly love... )...

    Take care, God bless!


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    My granny taught me to ALWAYS check my shoes for spiders before I put them on. It was years before I finally stopped doing it. Always did when camping tho!
    don't wear them now

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    You guys are great! Teena and Beebee... wads in the shoes! Scary!
    Yep... Don will be checking the old shoes... no more candy found yet!

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    oh well

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    I once got a spider bite from a brown recluse. I apparently brought it in on my clothing from the barn, as I guess moved in my chair or rolled on it when I was in bed. I did not know it and thought it was a pressure sore. I went to the doctor's and he told me. It is treated the same way as a pressure sore. I keep duoderm on hand just in case.
    Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
    Franklin D. Rosevelt

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