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Thread: Snow in Portland

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    Snow in Portland

    Yes, I realize that the rest of the country gets REAL snow, but since we got 3 inches which closed the schools and offices, I thought I would share a picture of my 4 year old's snow man:
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    hahah that's cool. Wow three inches closed schools? CU didn't close when we got two feet, the bastards.

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    We've had below freezing temps here but no snow yet, I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow though. Meanwhile Ian told me it's 104 in Australia, lucky bastard.
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    That's a really cute snowkid, Justin!
    The snow seemed just right for building - I saw several 8 foot tall (and relatively slender) snowmen/women as I was driving home today.

    - Richard

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    that is the cutest effing snowman I have ever seen

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    Hey a quarter of an inch closes school here....LOL

    We even have expectant mother parking in addition to the handicapped parking.....LOL

    Dont yall want to move here??? LOL

    Cute snowman...glad he got to build a "frosty"...
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    Your son's snowman is cute! Is he loving the snow? My daughter is.

    I was going a little stir crazy, and I needed to get groceries, and here are a few of the snow creations I saw on the way to the store.

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    We had 2 inches in the wine country! Don't expect too much citrus fruits from California this year. 20% less avocados too so I think we should keep them for ourselves
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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    Here's the Key West version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky
    We had 2 inches in the wine country!
    Hey! I just realized you live right by Sears Pt.

    Don't expect too much citrus fruits from California this year.
    Luckily we have our own little orange tree in the backyard. I'm going to miss it when we move.

    Oh, and it snowed in Malibu today. First time we've had snow in LA in about 20 yrs.

    Snowplows in Malibu?


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