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Thread: I cant straight up my back while standing

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    I cant straight up my back while standing

    Hello all,

    I cant straighten up my BACk while standing...hardly i can hold my back straight till 3 mins...this is disgusting bcos i m trying since 6 months but same thing...

    what i do?? suggest me some exercise whic can help me...sometimes i feel my wieght 65 kilos is obstacle...Sleeping on bellly is just impossible bcos jerks comes much in legs by which i get severe pain in lower back...

    Recommend, suggest,help me...


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    My husband had the same problem at first, so he started to lay on his stomach for short periods of time and slowly increased it to stretch out the hip flexors. They are too tight and are pulling you forward from sitting all the time. His back hurt like hell when he did it, but it got better. He still won't sleep on his stomach because he doesn't like it (he did not sleep that way pre-injury either). But he lays on his stomach everyday for 1 to 2 hours. He isn't totally stretched and this is an issue in the KAFO's also, but he manages. My husband is T12/L1. Good Luck!

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    As a L1 walking para who spends 8 hours in a chair a day, standing up straight is very hard. I agree with ginamarie's post about stretching hip flexors as much as possible. Maybe even put pillows under your knees when you lie on your stomach to get maximal extension.
    What has helped me greatly is working on back extension muscles. Lie on your stomach and try to lift your head up and your shoulders off the floor. This will engage the back muscles. Try to hold it to a 5 count. Actually, just looking upwards will get these muscles to engage. Strengthening these help.

    good luck...


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    Both stretching and strengthening will help. The key muscle groups for standing straight are the lower perispinals (in the back on either side of the spine), the glutes and the hamstrings. Jon suggested a good exercise for the perispinals. For the glutes, you can lie on your back with your knees up, and try to lift your rear off the ground. For the hamstrings, lay on your stomach and bend your leg up at the knee. I don't have any idea how much motor function you have. Have someone help you if you can do these. Also using e-stim can be a big help.

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