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Thread: Cure Video Issues on CBC tonight ... "The National"

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    Cure Video Issues on CBC tonight ... "The National"

    ONLINE VIDEO available ... CBC TV Newsworld had a 25 minute feature on the National news channel tonight.

    You can watch this on the Internet at the above URL ... you have to slide ahead to the 28:00 minute mark and then the next 25 minutes are on Cure issues ... this highlights some of Montana's trip to China as well as two women from just outside Toronto.

    I will leave the commentary to the members.



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    Incredible piece. I wish them well, but I'm with Dr Tator. The dangers outweigh the risks. And it makes me so happy I was injured 3500 mi. from my family.

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    And it makes me so happy I was injured 3500 mi. from my family.
    Hah. Me too. All my family's out there. Wanna house swap?

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    My bro called me and told me to watch it. I think anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury should see pieces like this. I am a firm believer that there will be a treatment, in some form or another, in my lifetime. However, what disturbed me the most in this segment was that the girls's father requested that they no longer research the outcomes of the treatments in China, the same treatments which did not have any clinical trials to support the findings. He didn't want them to be discouraged in any way. How dangerous is that?? I will educate the hell out of myself before I hop on any plane to get any type of experimental surgery.

    I can appreciate that the father has his daughters best interest at heart, so wouldn't that mean he would do everything and anything to ensure that he wasn't putting them in any danger? Instead, he cuts them off from communicating with anyone with medical expertise (their personal therapist, a neurologist in Toronto) which just blows my mind.

    I don't want to try and imagine what it must be like to be a parent in his situation, so maybe I should be more respectful, and I can appreciate the desperation they must be feeling. My parents went through the very same thing. We got in our boat of a car and drove all over Canada and America, speaking to many different specialists, but my parents to this day, would never compromise my safety out of desperation. I continue to remain patient as I know things look more hopeful now than ever before.

    I really wish this family the best and I hope the news I hear is only good news.

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    Click on The National link.
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    Wish them all the best, and so glad they did that before testing, and they got so much media milage from their desision.,

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    best wishes!

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    Damn they are so young to be thinking 'lets give this a shot or its all over for us' kinda thing. And that comment about bones deteriorating, that should never be a decider to jack in your patience for meaningful treatment. Thats far more manageable and reversable than a cord ruined by shady intervention.

    I wish them the best and pray they don't regret not waiting.

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    Go to that link and then click on "the national" on the right hand side - then do as WheelchairTitan said.
    Hope it works for you.

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