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    ICU --> Rehab

    Hi everyone, I am glad to let you know that Riaan has been moved to Rehab on the 5th of Jan. The last two weeks before that in ICU he recovered in leaps and bounds. The main thing was that his lungs started to get better. on checking in to rehab they straight away started working with his lungs again in a totally different way by pulsating his chest while he coughs, that cleared his lungs completely in two days. I would like to think that if they started this sooner at ICU he would have been saved a lot of time there (they only did the slapping thing). He is sitting in his chair for up to five hours and has been shown how to relieve pressure by himself. It has not even been two weeks there but he really has had a lot of improvement already. The Neurosurgeon told me several times that he is complete, since then the rehab has said otherwise. i would like to say to others to keep hoping and praying as recovery is out of our hands as long as one can stay positive and have as much support as possible anything can happen.

    We are still considering the Stemcell treatment at Beike when he gets discharged from rehab but there is a lot of water that will flow into the sea before that happens.
    Hope everyone will have a good 2007 with as little pain and as much recovery as possible.


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    I am so glad that things are looking up for you! Keep us informed, and get him on line with us here as soon as you can.


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    That is great news! I am familiar with all of the lung problems you spoke about....I am glad there has been so much progress...stay strong and God bless!

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    bedsores - please help

    Hi there,

    I know we have been warned many times but it seems that the neglegence on the hospital side is starting to take its toll. After being discharged from ICU he did not have one sore, two weeks later the first one appeared on his bum / back. Although small we asked the nurses to please make sure that this does not happen again. Riaan can not do lifts himself so is dependant on them for this. Yesterday the second one appeared. Does he spend to much time in his chair. He does lifts every hour as he has been advised. What is the best way to treat this or prevent this from happening. I have heard the best thing to sit on is a sheep skin. there are so many different remedies that people suggest that we just don't know anymore, another one was to put a solution of honey and sugar on the wound? They are not big sores but still this for me is not good.
    Other than that he is doing fine, getting more and more mobility in his right arm and more upper body strength. Hope someone can give advice.


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    Where are the pressure ulcers? Are they sitting or laying down pressure ulcers? What is he sleeping on? What kind of cushion does he have in his wheelchair? If they are on seating surfaces, he must be on bedrest COMPLETELY until they are healed.

    Weight shifts should be done in the wheelchair every 15 minutes for 15 seconds. Every hour is not sufficient.

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    You mean he's getting pressure sores in rehab? This is unacceptable, and is (as you say) evidence of negligence. I would take this beyond nicely asking the nurses to be more careful.
    You say this is on his bum/back - is he sitting in the bed with the bed's back raised? This can place a lot of pressure on that area. When SCI-nurse says "bedrest" that means whatever position in bed is necessary to ensure there is no pressure AT ALL on the ulcer. Stay on this problem until it's completely solved - a little sore can quickly develop into a horror, and you don't want Riaan to have to spend the next 6 months in bed lying on his stomach.
    At the rehab where my wife was, they had NEVER had a pressure sore in their 20-some years of operation. So it can be done, but the staff must be committed to the prevention of decubitis.
    - Richard
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    Oh I'm sorry to hear this. I swear we should sue those places to convince them this is unacceptable. With insurance restrictions on rehab so stringent we don't have time to lose lying around waiting to heal a preventable condition.


    I resented being rolled back and forth, but I came our of ICU with a decubitus and now I know the rolling was the right thing to do.


    If it is from sitting, check his clothes. Some things like jeans pockets are common offenders.

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    Hallo Borries welkom hier. By watter rehab eenheid is hy? Ek is getroud met n parapleeg T6 vir 12 jaar al. Ons is in Pretoria. Sterkte as jy wil bel of e mail laat weet my dan stuur ek jou my detail.

    Apologies to the board but I need to speak to my fellow South African in Afrikaans. If needed I will translate in English.

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