View Poll Results: Which approach should we take when pushing stem cell research this year?

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  • Push for HR3, the stem cell bill, as is. I think we can overturn a veto. (2007)

    18 48.65%
  • Push for a compromise. Expanded funding for research on the over 300 ESC lines available. (2007)

    5 13.51%
  • Push for Democrats to attach HR3 to must-pass legislation this year. (2008)

    8 21.62%
  • Keep reintroducing the bill to make ESC research an election year issue. (2009)

    5 13.51%
  • Other. I will explain. (????)

    0 0%
  • Other. You're an administration whore in disguise, just like Krauthammer. (????)

    1 2.70%
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Thread: Best Way Forward on Stem Cells

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin S
    Is #3 [Push for Democrats to attach HR3 to must-pass legislation, such as an appropriations bill, this year.] really a viable option? Can they really sneak in a law that the president doesn't want? Wouldn't the president just refuse to sign the bill until it was amended and blame the congress for delaying must-pass legislation?

    BTW, I voted for #6
    Yes, the outcome of joining ESCR with must-pass legislation might be as you suggest.

    Still, I voted for this poll option for two reasons.

    1) If the public support for ESCR is as high as we have been led to believe, the President may not be able to win in such a contest. This tactic would also provide cover for him to let a ESCR bill become law.

    2) Since (as you say) there is political risk, doing so would remove my nagging suspicion that Democrats prefer that the legislation continues to be thwarted by Republicans so as not to lose ESCR as an election issue in 2008.

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    That's a possibility. If it's attached to a supplemental for Iraq, I think he would have a hard time vetoing it.

    I was wondering who chose #6... I really thought more people would choose that option.


    I read a piece on Monday that gave two of DeGette's plans -- A and B. A was do everything she could to make sure it passed, while B was wait for the next president. I called her office to make sure A included option 3, and it does. For now, they want to attach it to a "germane" piece of legislation, but they haven't discussed which bill to attach it to... not officially, anyway.

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    WOW! 18 people think the veto will be overturned. I wish I knew where they thought the extra votes were going to come from. I'd love to call or email to help make it happen.
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