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Thread: camber question - too lazy to do math :)

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    camber question - too lazy to do math :)

    so here's a question:

    I have a set of 24" Spinergy wheels w/ standard primo tires.

    I also have a set of X-Cores (25" IIRC) w/ 26" mountain bike tires.

    I run the Spinergys with 3 degrees of camber.

    How much camber would be required to keep the seat at approximately the same height with the larger wheels/tires? I'm happy w/ the lower COG the 24" setup offers.

    I'm thinking of ordering a couple extra camber tubes (or whatever they're called) to swap the other wheelset on every so often.


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    camber answer- too lazy to do math

    A lot! Even 12 degrees would not do it. Besides, Spinergies are better suited for higher camber angles than are X-cores. What about knobbies on your Spinergies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR
    Spinergies are better suited for higher camber angles than are X-cores.
    What difference do the wheels make? I ran 8 degrees of camber with my X-Cores for years. Do you mean more than that?


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    you didn't have a flex problem??

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    your back axle is probably not adjustable? on my old quickie when i went from 24" to 26" i just adjusted axle plates & front castors

    tire width would effect calculation but im guessing 75 degree wheels would look cool

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    OTR - you sure not even 12 degrees wouldn't do it? hmm. I do have to fit through doorways.

    I already have X-Cores lying around from an older chair with a great set of tires on them. I haven't seen any 24" knobbies that I've been a fan of yet. There are a LOT more 26" options, especially those that aren't specifically made for chairs.

    Carl - nope, axle height isn't adjustable on the chair I'd put these on.

    This isn't really a big deal... I'm just curious.

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    If I am figuring wheel size correctly (wheelchair/everything else), you are looking to get rid of 1/2 inch of rim, but the mountain bike tires might be much bigger than the Primos, so who knows what height that is. I'd be more worried about the tires than the rim size, and I think you might have to run an obscene amount of camber to compensate for it. Maybe put Primos on the bigger rims and ignore the difference due to it being only 1/2 inch height difference?

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    meh. still not that big of a deal... this is just for kicks.

    I'll pull out the yardstick this afternoon & snap a pic. The MTB tires are indeed bigger than the Primos. I like my 24" Spinergys/Primos & will use that combo most often, but I figure it'd be fun to swap on the wheels with the fat tires occasionally. Even if I could add more camber to lower the COG to what it'd be w/ 25" rims + Primos, I'd be cool w/ it.

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    It's a shame that they do not manufacture a spacer plate/or taller axle clamp to provide dual rear STF heights. They have a picture of a prototype in their image library which had a Quickie Ti/TiLite ZRa style mounting bracket, but never put it into production.

    You made me curious about how camber affects rear STF height. There is a Top End Transformer demo t work that has two camber tubes one appears to be 0 or 3 and the other 9 or 12. Today or tomorrow I'll measure them with the same wheel/tire combo to see what difference it makes.


    I've heard that newer X-cores have been reinforced to address problems with hubs cracking, but there must still be concern, however, since Invacare and Colours only allow up to 6 degrees of camber with X-cores, but allow up to 12 & 14 degrees respectively on a 559 narrow hub Spinergy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR
    I've heard that newer X-cores have been reinforced to address problems with hubs cracking, but there must still be concern
    Interesting. I got X-Cores way back when they were the latest and greatest thing. I used them for years with no problems. And that was during a time when I was a lot more active and did a lot more curb hopping and such. Glad I never had a problem with them.


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