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Thread: Covering bathroom sink pipes

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    Covering bathroom sink pipes

    Is there a special cover out there that is used to cover the pipes under your bathroom sink? We modified the bathroom sink area today- taking out drawers etc.

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    I have a 4-6" wood "apron" that comes down from under the sink counter. It visually covers the bottom of the sink underneath but I can still see the drain pipe, however it's no big deal for me. You could also use some type of fabric to hang down like a curtain if you want to really hide everything. Don't forget to wrap the pipes in some kind of insulating material as they can get very hot and give you a nasty burn on your knees or legs.

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    I am looking for some kind of pipe insulation to protect my son's legs.
    I thought that there might be some special protector piece for w/c users.


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