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Thread: What does stretching do for us?

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    What does stretching do for us?

    My therapist told me to stretch about 3x a day if possible and if not then just a morning stretch is good. What will my stretching rountine do for me? Besides keeping full range?

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    stretching will also reduce muscle spasms.

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    Wow, 3x a day! I was told at least once a day, but more is better. I try to stretch/rom at least every other day, and lift weights the other days. I get on the livingroom floor to stretch, while watching TV. It takes me almost two hours to do all the stretches I was taught to do, I can't imagine doing that three times a day. It does reduce my spasms, but only for about an hour or two, then it's back to spasm city.

    I guess getting dressed in the morning could be considered a stretch/rom for me because I kind of yank, sling and throw my legs all around just to fight the spasms.

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    I agree with Bspill1 and Jimnms. Also, more so for non-ambulators, stretching will keep one flexible enough to manage lower extremities with bed mobility, transfers, dressing, and reduction of risk for pressure ulcers.

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