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Thread: Can someone recommend good toe nail clippers

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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel
    You could try some heavy duty clippers that have a turned handle that is meant for another person to use on him. Sorta like this

    but the one we have is better, I'll try to find or take a photo of them.

    Ami, if the nails are thick and will not fit in the nail clippers, trying to "trim them down" with this type of tool can actually damage the nail and cause growth issues. We had one of these types come in on Thursday and my boss ended up removing the toenail. The nail bed and surrounding tissue was infected. The only way to heal it was to remove the nail and let the nail bed heal itself prior to the nail growing back out.

    We've also had people come to us for ingrowns and concave nails that were really messed up by a GP attempting to fix the ingrown.

    Here's a pic of the type of nippers we use. They are 6" dual action:

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    Thanks all. for the advice. I called our PCP on Friday and got a referral to a podiatrist. I don't want to mess around with this.

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    We saw the podiatrist yesterday. One of his nails was slightly ingrown and a bit infected. He had to numb the toe and trim the nail back. YIKES! I was so worried that he would get AD. It really bothered him later last night. Seems better today, though now I think he might have a UTI . Took a sample to the lab yesterday, so we are waiting to hear back. We leave Monday for a 6 day business trip out of state. This will be hard enough without him sick! Anyway, the dr. agreed that his nails are problematic and should be trimmed in his office. He thinks he might have to do a procedure to permanantly trim the sides and then chemically treat so they won't regrow and be a problem. Has anyone else done this?

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    My wife tried for a long time to keep my toe nails cut but as much as she tried they alway became infected. I went to a podiatrist and he removed my toe nails on my big toes as these were the ones giving all the trouble never had a problem again.

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    I had the procedure you're talking about. I had good luck with it but AD's not usually a problem for me (I'm T-10). They do bleed a lot for the first couple of days but my doc was right on top of the ABX. Took about a year before my toe nails looked normal again.

    The bummer for me is that I have another ingrown. The procedure doesn't always eliminate ingrowns forever.
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    It's called a permanent matrixectomy. Depending, it's either one or both borders or the whole nail. The nail bed has to be chemically treated in order to keep the nail from growing back. If there's an infection, depending on how bad, there is a 50-50 chance that the permanent matrix won't work. In our office, if the infection is bad, we remove the nail and have the pt on antibiotics. Then, when the nail grows back and is less "angry" we do the permanent procedure.

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