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Thread: Can someone recommend good toe nail clippers

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    Can someone recommend good toe nail clippers

    I have had trouble with my husbands toenails since the injury. He has always kept them very short (before the accident.) I tried to trim them in the hospital but he did not want me to touch them (his feet were ultra sensitive at first). Now, they have gotten long and they are so thick, they are hard to trim. I try to soften them first in water but still have a hard time getting them back where they should be.

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    I would NOT recommend that you try to do this yourself. It would be much better to take him to a podiatrist. Infected toenails and incorrectly trimmed nails (esp. thick ones) can start a bad foot infection and ingrown toenails, and AD from this can be quite severe.


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    Thanks SCI nurse. So, we need to go to the podiatrist every month to get them trimmed?? Is that what everyone else does?

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    You could try some heavy duty clippers that have a turned handle that is meant for another person to use on him. Sorta like this

    but the one we have is better, I'll try to find or take a photo of them.


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    I started to clip Don's toenails in rehab... the nursing staff would not do this. And I still continue to do this every other week with no problems so far. Tweezerman makes really excellent clippers.


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    Yes, if you have complex nails, we recommend a monthly podiatrist visit.


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    At our facility we see many patients who are quadriplegic who have been admitted for other reasons. Frequently we see horrible damage due to improper care and trimming of toenails. I agree with SCI Nurse, thick and complicated nails should be managed by a professional. I am not discounting the fact that others have success on their own, but if managing this has been problematic the safest road is a podiatrist.

    Mary, RN

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    I had horrible problems from my toenails post-injury. Developed ingrowns that amped my tone to levels I couldn't manage. Then I started developing other issues and the "spiral" was started... Anyway, because of that I see a podiatrist to have them trimmed. I do it about every 6 weeks. I get my pedi after and I'm goood to go until the next time.
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    Nari, What might be helpful is to at least go to the podiatrist to get a trim and get them under control. It's much easier when they aren't so long. While there discuss the problem with him and they might show you how or ways to do correctly. That way you also have a contact if he ever has a problem again, you'll be more knowledgable and comfortable with doing it if that is your only option. In many hospitals RN's aren't allowed to cut toenails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NARIDEVOLI
    Thanks SCI nurse. So, we need to go to the podiatrist every month to get them trimmed?? Is that what everyone else does?
    Medicare allows every 61 days at the earliest. If there are certain, very specific findings that they will cover the visits have to be 61 days apart or they will deny service.

    We have patients that come in every 61 days to every 6 months, depending on their diagnosis and nail growth. In addition to a nail trim, it's a foot inspection to make sure everything looks ok.

    One of the problems with thick nails is they are so thick OTC instruments are inadequate for trimming. Improvising ends up causing more problems than it helps.

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