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Thread: bedside drinking system for a high quad

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    bedside drinking system for a high quad

    hello chaps, im having a devil of a time finding a way to rig up a suitable 'drinking whilst in bed' device for myself. any thoughs or solutions would be appreiciated.

    Simon Morris

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    I use a Camelbak bladder with the hose clipped to my pillow. Just bite the, "bite valve" at the end of the hose and water will flow. Mine holds 70 ounces of water and is a lifesaver as far as drinking in bed. They can be found in most outdoor sports stores and bicycle shops here in the US. Not sure about the UK.

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    I guess I need to hang out in this forum more often. I'll take a photo of Chad's very low tech straw system and post it when I find my camera (!!) but in summary, we attached one of those swingy thingies that go on boats usually (don't know what they are called) that make the cup stay upright regardless of the position of the bed since we have an adjustable hospital type bed. Then we put a big drink container in it, buy tubing from the hardware store for 7 cents a foot (the ONLY bargain going in disability!!) and string it from his cup, clip it using zip ties to his ECU microphone and let it stick out far enough to reach his mouth but not yet be stuck up his nose. The only problem with it is that I am CONSTANTLY adjusting the straw when we move the bed position. The GIMBLE - that's the word, GIMBLE!! - holder keeps the drink container from dumping over but does not help in keeping the microphone/straw in place.

    It is the nemesis of my existance, lol! But it works, so hey, I deal.

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    Some people use this one for both bed and wheelchair:

    Also, we have a number of people who just make their own. Get an insulated jug or drink cooler (if you like it cold), and make a hole in the top. Put a piece of PVC tubing (suction tubing works well) into the hole so that the open end is all the way in the bottom of the jug. Put the other end where you can reach it...taped to an ECU control, trapeze or side rail, or some people tie it to their hand splints if they are able to get their hand to their mouth. Place the jug on the floor, or someplace where it is below the level of the mattress all the time. To drink, just suck up the water, but take the precaution to BLOW air down the tube when you are done, or you may get a soaking as it acts as a siphon if the tubing goes downhill to you at all.


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    OH YEAH, what KLD said .... lol .... if chad doesn't blow it back down, it gushes alllllllllllllll over him!!

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    not an issue with the Camelbak. Plus the reservoir opening is large enough to pass ice cubes through to keep the beverage cold.

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    I am with the CamelBack. They can be quite pricy compared to some of the knock off brands of sport hydration packs, but are well worth the extra cost. The cheaper ones don't have the "big bite" mouth value that is unique to the camel back brand. This prevents the hose from leaking, is much easier to drink out of, plus you don't have to blow down it when you are done to prevent the water from exploding out at you. You can also buy supplies designed specfically for their units such as longer straws, cleaning brushes, and replacement bladders. I use the ones designed for bikers because it can be easily hung off my chair or bed. I have a piece of gooseneck plastic attached to the hose with duct tap and that allows it to be adjusted or moved out of my way easily. But others I knew in rehab didn't do that. For bed use that probably wouldn't be necessary and it could easily be clipped to a pillow. Water will come out of the hose any angle, even i which I find very handy.

    The very best place to get them is at bike shops during the non-bike season. They usually heavily discount the previous season's stock. I like the biking ones because of the knap sack like straps. But you can get jogging ones that are smaller and look more like a belt than a knap sack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass
    not an issue with the Camelbak. Plus the reservoir opening is large enough to pass ice cubes through to keep the beverage cold.
    Will it work with beer?
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    brilliant just ordered me a camelbak alterra!! thanks thanks thank guys!

    years of being given drinks are over, im so excited.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQisforquad
    Which one do you use? It is a bottle or a soft container?
    Hi Suzy,

    Handling a bottle would be difficult for me. In bed I just have a Camelbak water reservoir without the unnecessary pack with storage compartments. They also sell accessories such as a tube director which is a black neoprene cover for the tube with a wire running down it so that the tube can be positioned anywhere you want it. (Kind of like a Gumby doll)

    I used to have a Camelbak backpack on another wheelchair I had and just had someone slip in the water reservoir in the morning and I was good to go. Since then I got a different wheelchair and haven't found a good place to hang one.

    If anyone does go with a Camelbak, I would check out the tube director and also purchase an extra clip and bite valve. If you get accustomed to using it and either the clip breaks or the bite valve leaks, you have spare parts. This is the best method I have found over the years.

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