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Thread: abdominal spasm

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    abdominal spasm

    do you folks experience lower (below belly button) abdominal spasm? at times it's quite bad and has sent me on false leads of something being wrong when nothing was amiss.

    i cath thru the belly button and notice upon initial insertion through the abdominal wall it triggers quite a strong contraction at times.

    lying down (which stretches the area) kicks it off as does getting back in the chair.


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    no answer to your problem just know you're not alone!

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    I get them now too, I actually trigger them during cathing because it makes it quicker and passes the mucous.

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    This varies with the individual, but I have seen them so bad they throw someone forward out of their chair, or so bad they interfere with breathing. Stretching (laying on on your stomach) is a good method for management, as is standing, and the usual spasticity meds may help. Of course sudden onset or increase in spasticity may be a sign that something is wrong (UTI, impaction, etc. etc.) and should be investigated.


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    I have identifyed my abdominal spasm with bowel movements. Like peristolis. I get these spasms on the right side and under my belly button. Sometimes it moves around so much that it looks like an alien is trying to pop out. LOL I believe that I need Levisen for IBS. It is like when you eat something that goes right through you. Before my accident, me and my AB friends use to call it THE CRAMP. When you go out to eat something and you get this awful cramp, start sweating even have to pull over and make a dash through the woods cause you are going to shit all over your self. Anyway, its nice to share experinces.

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    I have had the same type of spasms, I tested positive for a bladder infection. The strange thing is that I had such a large spasm it caused my indwelling catheter to come out.I was quite surprised... It was about time to change my catheter anyway
    I also use the catheters that are impregnated with antibiotics, this is my first UTI in months so I guess the antibiotics in the catheter works.

    MJ Hopper

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    I get 'em too, more of a 'tone' type spasm. Mainly when just laying down, hoisting up on the standing frame, etc. The cool thing is that I can get one going 8 times out of 10 leaning over when starting to poop, combined with using my diaphragm this helps with the BP.

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    I actually get spasms/contractions when I sit up so now I tip my chair back on the sofa and grab my amrest and do situps. My stomach has flattened out a lot. Try it

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    I get them when I'm cranking myself up in the standing frame. It tries to bend me over, but once I get all the way up they settle down.

    I sometimes get them when I try to bend over to pick something up, they sling me back into my chair. I swear one of these days it's going to flip me over backwards.

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    Be careful .... they may be trying to tell you something! Looking back now when my Bill was having alot of belly spasm it was probably when his gall bladder was starting to go bad!!!!!!
    Check it out!

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