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Thread: new casters (less tippy)

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    new casters (less tippy)

    I have a ti top end terminator with a adjustable strap back, 5" soft roll casters, 24" rear wheels, and one of those honeycomb type cushions. I have the back wheels moved as far back as they can go, back at an 85* angle, and all the spacers removed from the front casters. Even like this, it feels like it wants to flip backwards. I have not gone up an big slopes, but I doubt I even could without it flipping. I don't have anti-tippers on, and I don't want them on.

    So, if I put 4" casters on it, would that help any, or a noticble amount?

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    Im not sure if the casters would make much difference,only slightly. i've gone from 3" casters to 5" on my quickie ti.I was fedup of wheelieing over small gaps/stones etc and just want to run over them. I think your centre of gravity is set at the right point to stop it from being tippy. You could try and change the bucket height which could help. Im not sure what else you could do. Try the 4" casters and see what you think.
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    You don't by any chance have a backpack on the back of your chair?

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    The seat can't be adjusted any.

    I don't have a backpack on it.

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    Going with 1" smaller diameter casters may help a little, but probably not enough based on your description. To determine why the center of gravity is off, and what can be done to change it, it would be helpful to know the following specs:

    Front STF
    Rear STF
    Seat depth
    Frame angle
    Footplate (tubular versus platform)
    Is it equipped with the rear suspension option?
    Adjustable angle or fixed angle back
    When you say 85 degrees, are you describing the same thing as a 5 degree forward bend?

    Also, what is your height and weight?

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    Front STF 19 (counting cushion about 22)
    Rear STF 18 (cushion 21)
    Seat depth 16
    Frame angle
    Footplate (tubular versus platform) tublar
    Is it equipped with the rear suspension option? no

    the back is adjustable. It is 5* foward. How do I get the frame angle?

    I am about 5'10 110lbs
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    Your Terminator is probably tippy because you have a relatively high front seat-to-floor height and only an inch of seat dump. This puts a very high percentage of your mass >6" above the axle making your chair top heavy. Given that you have nearly no seat dump, reducing your caster size could make you feel like you are going to fall forward.

    Your options are limited because of the custom nature of the Terminator. To get your center of gravity further back, you could switch to the rear suspension and axle tube. This would allow you to move the rear axle further back than your current hardware permits.

    This is a 17x17 A4 that is set up for a guy I work with who has a low thoracic SCI and bilateral above knee amputations. The axle could be located behind the back canes due to the design of the suspension hardware. 25" Spinergy wheels were selected to get more handrim where he could reach it. The T-arms were specified to add weight to the front of the chair (switching to an adjustable angle platform would also add .6 lbs.). When he used it, it proved to be very stable. The trade off that had to be made in his case was that the relationship of his upper extremities to the handrim was less than optimal for efficient manual propulsion. Without that trade off, however, the chair would have flipped easily because all of his weight was on the rear 2/3 of the seat upholstery.
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    let me add this.... if I sit in the chair without the cushion, it feels like I want it to. Almost as if the people who measured me forgot about the 3" cushion that was going to go in it.

    I might just try to deal with this. I have had the chair for about a year and only used it outside the house about 5 times.

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    get a new chair w/ a 15" rear floor-to-seat height.

    if it gets you outside the house > 5 times/yr, it's well worth it.

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    I have been outside the house more than 5 times, just been using my old chair instead of the new one.

    But... if I got would a lower rear floor to seat height make it more stable?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    get a new chair w/ a 15" rear floor-to-seat height.

    if it gets you outside the house > 5 times/yr, it's well worth it.

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