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Thread: New thread: how to be smart as caregivers

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    New thread: how to be smart as caregivers

    Carry on.

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    LOLoudest Ami!!!

    **Hugs** and here's to a new day.

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    Understand the need to protect your own health as well as the one you care for.

    Don't take foolish risks, punch a pillow every now and then, drink lots of water.
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    Allow the person being cared for as much independence as possible. Don't do things for them they can do themselves, even if its easier for you to do it.

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    Take a yearly cruise and have a massage every day of the cruise...
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    Get help (ie, a PCA or other family member) if at all possible. There is no way someone can do this 24/7 and not crack up or become physically ill themselves.

    Get respite care if possible.

    Get appropriate lifting and movement equipment. You don't have to do this all manually.


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    take notes, even if they are scribbled on the backs of envelopes, especially if you're new to this.

    when you look through them after a little time, you'll have the satisfaction of seeing that what you were stressing about is no longer a problem

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    Keep lists and some sort of journal. That way you know what doctor was seen when, his name, where his office was. I have trouble keeping track of things, age just makes it worse as the variety of doctors keeps expanding.

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    Keep your computer backed up. All hard drives fail eventually.

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    Keep your sense of humor. It may save your azz when nothing else will.

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