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    Help me, help you

    My name is Joe and I live in the U.S. I am interested in becoming a provider for sexual aid devices. The following is how I got started, and what I intend to do:
    I recently started my own company after being laid off as a mobility equipment technician and seating specialist of 14 years. I actually formed this business just before being laid off, in order to be able to purchase and provide a piece of adaptive equipment for a friend of mine. Since my lay-off, I decided to continue learning about adaptive technology devices and attempt to make it new career path.
    A former client of mine heard what I was doing and contacted me. He suggested that I get into fabricating and/or modifying adaptive devices related to sex for people with disabilities. Certainly, the topic sparked my interest, and I feel compelled to follow through.
    I, in turn, contacted a quad friend of mine. He directed me to this website in hopes of learning more about the interests and needs of this community. I have several friends and many acquaintances that are in wheelchairs, but I think it may be more difficult for most of them to speak to me freely and openly because we know eachother.
    If anybody in this community can help me learn what I may be able to do to help. Please let me know. Any and all responses are appreciated.

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    Sounds interesting, there is much work to be done in this field, there have been very few who have ventured into it and there is a need for lots of creativity.

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    It is much cheaper to modify existing devices, although there may be some liability concerns, and of course this voids any warranty. So much must be heavily customized to the specific user, and demand may be low, so making customized equipment from scratch may result in each item being prohibitively expensive. I would point out how expensive the Ferticare is, esp. considering what goes into it (and its poor longevity).

    I have worked with rehab engineers and OTs on this before for specific clients, primarily modifying existing equipment. Also has some examples on their website of inexpensive ideas, which can include adding hand straps to vibrators, or simple to use controls that don't need good hand dexterity to existing vibrators or other devices.


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