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    RE: Sweating

    I am a C4-5 complete. I can not use my hands yet!! I am however sweating alot in my lower extremities. My wife has to take a towel in the morning just to wipe off the sweat. From everythig that we have learned is that you do not sweat below the level of your injury. My injury was 08/06/06. Not sure if this is significant or not. Please let me know if anyone else sweats below the level of the injury!!

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    Not much help to you I'm afraid but I'm c5 incomplete and sweat like a marathon runner from my shoulders, neck and face.

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    Not much either. I'm a C5-6 incomplete and only sweat on my left side in very warm temps. Not a problem for me except when I shop for deoderant, just can't find Left Guard anywhere.

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    i'm c-5 and my ass and thighs sweat like a swamp cooler where they contact my right side sweats above injury any time there is a weather or temp change..we're all different

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    Inappropriate sweating does occur in a few people with SCI below their injury. There are medications that can help with this sometimes. You should also be evaluated for a possible syrinx as this is sometimes a symptom. I assume you are not having other AD symptoms.

    Have you spoken with your physiatrist about this?


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    I am T6 para. I used to sweat profusely below injury. It was mostly at night but was a problem throughout the day as well. It was so bad, I had towels and a hair dryer next to my bed. Many nights I had to change sheets at least once in the night. Some of it could be explained by spasms generating heat. I think some nights I would sweat when my bladder was over full. I used to cath 800-1200 when I woke up in the morning. I only got what I recognized as AD from my bladder being full once during that time. That time, I was up to about 1500cc. Those were only part of the explanation since I would sweat even without those factors. I think those just exacerbated it. There were several anti-sweating medications available. I was reluctant to take any because of potential side effects. Eventually, it was unbearable. I started taking robinul. It worked very well. I had some dehydration which contributed to some constipation but that went away over time. I hadn't been drinking enough water anyway. I increased my fluid intake and the side effects gradually went away. I took robinul for a few months. I started taking ditropan to calm my bladder and address spasticity. Ditropan typically has a side effect of dry mouth/eyes. Since that was drying me out, I decided to back off the robinul. I went completely off of it and the sweating stopped and has not returned. I still take 25mg ditropan. If I remember correclty, I had been taking 1mg robinul, maybe 2mg.

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    Im c4-c5 incomplete since 1997. After my injury i used to sweat hard, from face to fngertips. I had to change clothes at least 3-5times a day. It didnt last very long time. Maybe a year, maybe bit more.
    Now i sweat only when my bladder goes empty(i dont use cath), or when something hurts my limbs.

    But ive heard that many sci have no sweathing. It depends on something... i dont know.

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    sounds like AD to me. Remember this, all AD is not alike. Bladder AD feels different from rock-in-the-shoe AD which feels different from pressure sore AD...ETC ETC

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    Quote Originally Posted by tprewitt
    Not much either. I'm a C5-6 incomplete and only sweat on my left side in very warm temps. Not a problem for me except when I shop for deoderant, just can't find Left Guard anywhere.
    Heh, a good sense of humor will carry you a long way! Rock on...
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    Early on I would sweat below injury level where skin contact was made. An example was when the tops of my legs would contact the bottom of a table, there would be a wet spot left (not much pressure either). That eventually dissapated. Now the only sweating I do is with my butt sitting on the cushion, and not nearly to the extent at first. I did notice that I sweat more from sitting when I kinda have a load awaiting its trip down the porceline throne inside me, so I think that some of this might be related to negative stimuli that your below-injury spinal cord is trying to figure out. Since your injury is still really fresh, I think you might find that the sweating tapers down in maybe 6 months or so from now if comparing experiences has any value.

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