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Thread: Flexing my abs via other methods

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    Flexing my abs via other methods

    Hey i was at the gym tonight i am basically a t5 complete. I did dumbell pull overs and for those in the know they are a great stretch on your abs and work your lats. But my goodness it started making my abs flex extensively. T5 people have no ab muscle connection. When i was done, i got up from laying down on the flat bench and jumped in the chair. And my abs flexed big time, at one point they stopped flexing as much i just moved my back a bit and they started flexing again.

    It was sweet i have a bulging 6 pack like before injury!~
    Anybody know how to invoke spasticity in their lower extremities?

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    Wow great news varian! Mee too. I am also a t5 complete . I swim competitively and have noticed benefits for my abs there, but especially when laying on a bench doing the dumbell pullover thing!

    A good way to work out your lower torso is also handcycling. My physio reports that muscles i cant feel and have no control over are getting tight from having a workout on the bike

    I think we're onto something good.

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    Thats my main workout is to cause my abs to flex by putting stress on them and forcing them to spasim. What I do is take a weighted 9lb medicine ball, and put 1 hand on a table for support, then another hand holding the medicine ball handle and lift up the ball with my 1 hand, that makes my abs go crazy and stay flexed even though i can't flex them volentarly. Its also an awesome sholder work out.

    Keep it up!
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    I experience the same abdominal fluttering and tightening that I think you're describing when I do this yoga stretch. However, I'm not quite as convinced as you that this is going to result in "firmer, tighter abs." The result is very temporary.

    Remember, for us completes, our abs are effectively "offline" 24/7. Just because they're still wired to our spinal cords and can spasm occasionally (like our legs) doesn't mean we can still achieve six-packs. Abs require more "neurostim-maintenance" than most other muscles to keep toned.

    I hate to buzz kill your enthusiasm, but Ab nirvana is simiply not in the cards for those of us completes with SCI Buddha bellies.

    Of course, I'd love to be proved wrong.
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    WEll normally you can still make out a 6 pack in me because i am so lean. perhaps i'll try to video it when i do it again.

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    well I guess I'm LESS than complete. My muscles dissapeared within a couple of months of injury and have NEVER moved. If you have a way to make them FLEX then they have been working all along, you just don't FEEL them.
    THIS is what rehab is all about, working that which is still 'wired' and trying to find a way of consciously making it happen; which I understand to be "rewiring" the body with a different path than the one which was destroyed by the injury.
    Congrats on finding a way to make something work, now keep repeating it

    You can avoid that roll of jelly belly by a proper diet. After you get rid of it. Don't take in more than your body can use. Since you can exercise, it is possible to loose it with effort and the right lifestyle.

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    Yeah next time i am in the gym i'll video them flexing and then unflexing. Shoot i might have to tan before i do the video if i am posting it online. I'll show the movement in the gym too

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    Can someone explain the dumbbell pullover?

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    Here is a video and explaination:
    In this video, just the shoulders are on the bench and the person performing the exercise has to maintain a bridged position through their hips. But you can do it while lying on the bench for better support like Varian and Miss September are describing.

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    That is a very practical exercise! Lately I've taken to doing my workouts either standing between homemade parallel bars, or laying on my bed. I can very easily do this exercise laying on my back with a dumbbell...Thanks so much for the post!
    Eric Texley

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