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    CareCure Statistics

    I thought that people might be interested in the membership profile of CareCure. It has been a long time since I have posted about this. I had held off doing this summary because I knew that we had a large number of registrations due to spammers who have invaded our site recently. However, I recently did a marathon cleanup of the membership and banned over 1000 registered users who are known spammers, over 98% of which are spambots who come on the site for less than a minute to post advertisements and other drivel.

    The site has 14,166 registered members but some of them have not successfully registered. Most of the these are came from 2001-2004, when we required email confirmation and about 250 people registered but never responded to the confirmatory email that was sent to them. We eliminated this requirement in 2005. A total of 13,916 people have successfully registered. Of these, we have banned 1149 users (98% of these are spammers). We currently have 12,767 non-banned users, including a small number of administrators, moderators, as well as researchers and students who use the private research forums of the web site.

    Table 1.  Membership Statistics
    Membership:          14,166 (total number of people who tried to registered)
    All groups:          13,916 (all successful registrations, including banned users)
    Registered members:  12,958 (all registered users, excluding moderators, etc.)
    Non-banned users:    12,767 (all non-banned users, including moderators, etc.)
    In the past 6 months, we have had a huge influx of spammers. Starting in May 2006 and increasing steadily over the summer and fall, the number of spammers registering and posting on CareCure increased from 2-4 spammers per day to 10-15 per day. In the last week of November and the first week of December, the number of spam registration reached an all-time high of 35 spam registrations almost per day. We thus began to ban spammers, as well as email domains and IP addresses they used. This reduced spam registrations to 2-4 per day, compared to 10-15 total registrations per day.

    Membership Profile

    We do not require users to fill out membership information. Nevertheless, nearly 70% of the 13,916 registered users entered some information in their profile. The following table summarizes the number of people who filled out answers to the questions. The percentages refer to the percentage of the total users of each group who did answer the membership profile questions. In general, users either answered most the questions or not at all. Table 2 summarizes answers to the five major questions asked, segregated into columns of registered members, banned users, moderators, and all groups.

    Table 2.    User Answers   Registered   Banned   Moderator  All Groups
    All                         12,958      1,149       22       13,916
    Cando/Spinewire?     Yes       287          0        7          295
                          No     2,678          4        3        2,691
                     Answers     2,965          4        4        2,986
                %Yes/Answers       10%         0%      70%          10%              
    Spinal Cord Injury?  Yes     4,758          2        6        4,758
                          No     2,659         13        4        2,683
                     Answers     7,417         15       10        7,467
                %Yes/Answers       64%        13%      60%          64%
    Level of Injury?       C     3,462          0       11        3,454
                           T     2,933          1        6        2,924
                           L     1,396          0        4        1,383
                     Answers     7,791          1       21        7,761             
    Caregiver?           Yes     1,144          0        1        1,144
                          No     3,581          0        4        3,588
                     Answers     4,725          0        5        4,732
                %Yes/Answers       24%                 20%          24%
    Professional?        Yes       432          0        4          440
                          No     5,404          2        7        5,428
                      Doctor        38          0        0           38
                    Research        38          0        0           38
                        Care        97          0        0           97
                     Answers     6,009          2       11        6,041
                %Yes/Answers        7%         0%      36%           7%
    Cando/Spinewire?. We asked whether people were members of Cando/Spinewire, without explaining what it is. People who were members of Cando/Spinewire would know while those who did not know or did not belong would either say no or would not answer. Only 287 people answered yes to this question while 2,678 said no. Thus, about 10% of the people who answered the question were members of the precursor website Cando/Spinewire. If we were to divide 287 by the total registered users, this would come out to about 3%. Thus, 3-10% of the CareCure membership were previously members of Cando/Spinewire, the precursor websites to CareCure.

    Spinal Cord Injury?. Of 7417 registered members who answered "Yes" or "No" to the question whether they had spinal cord injury, 4,758 (64%) indicated "Yes". Many people, however, gave an injury level, or indicated multiple sclerosis, slipped disc, transverse myelitis, or some other cause of spinal cord injury. Some gave longer explanations (such as "my wife had a C4 spinal cord injury") in answer to the question.

    Level of Injury?. About 7,791 (60% of total registered members) users indicated a spinal cord injury level, suggesting many people had some kind of spinal cord injury but did not say "Yes" in answer to the question whether they had spinal cord injury. Of these, about 3,462 (44%) indicated a cervical level, about 2,933 (38%) indicated a thoracic level, and about 1,396 (18%) indicated a lumbosacral level. This suggest that about 60% of registered CareCure users have some kind of spinal cord injury.

    Caregiver?. About 4,725 members answered "Yes" or "No" to the question of whether they are caregivers. Of these, 1,144 (24% of 4,725) answered "Yes" to the question. Approximately 9% of total registered members (12,958 registered users), close to the 10% caregiver percentage found in 2004.

    Professional?. Of 6,009 who answered "Yes" or "No" to the question whether they are a health care professional, 432 (7% of 6,009) said "Yes" while 5,404 said "No". About 38 (0.6% of 6,009) indicated that they are doctors, 38 (0.6% of 6,009) said they did research, and 97 (1.6%) had the word "care" in their answer. About 124 members who indicated that health care professional also said that they have spinal cord injury.

    Forum Activity

    We currently have 73,670 threads containing 587,757 posts, containing about 854.29 Mb of data and 377.18 Mb of indexed pages. Attachments on our web site take up about 1.1 Gb. Depending on the weekday, an average of 500-600 unique registered members visit the site every day. For example, in the past 24 hours, 582 unique registered members logged in at least once and posted 442 times and created 44 new threads. At any given time, about 5 times more unregistered visitors are on line than registered members. Some may be members who do not log in but most are unregistered members. We often have over 150 people online. Right now, as I am writing this, we have 158 people online (38 members and 120 guests). Our record to date is 528 visitors online at the same time.

    In summary, we now have close to 13,000 registered members. About 60% of these members appear to have some kind of spinal cord injury from a variety of causes with an injury level. Of those who indicated a spinal cord injury level, 44% have a cervical injury, 38% have a thoracic injury, and 18% have a lumbosacral injury. About 9% of members indicated that that they are caregivers. About 7% indicate that they are health care professionals. Thus, about 3/4 of our members have some kind of spinal cord injury, are caregivers, or health care professionals. The remaining 24% are friends, family, or people who are interested in spinal cord injury.
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    That's interesting, thanks for the statistics. Clearly, CareCure is helping thousands of people. That is quite an impressive accomplishment on its own.
    - Richard

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    Dr. Young,

    Those stats are simply awesome and very much show how Care Cure is meeting the needs of many. Congratulations on the success of Care Cure and thank you and everyone involved here that makes Care Cure a great community. I don't post very much but I do receive daily digests of the forums that are applicable to me. I may not log in but I am here quite often as a guest reading a post that caught my attention from the digests.

    May all of you have your best year ever in 2007! God bless you all!

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    Great stats.Everyone involved in keeping CareCure running should be proud.
    Be yourself!!!
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    What are the stats like if you take off the people who have registered but never posted?

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    I keep saying this is the best SCI site on the web. Dr. Young, the SCI nurses, and the users are the reason (even buttpains like me.)

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck
    What are the stats like if you take off the people who have registered but never posted?
    Using the 12,985 registered members (excluding spammers), a total of 5,774 members have posted to date, i.e. 45% of members.

    Of the 12,985 members, a total of 7,776 members (60%) have visited the site within the past 24 months and 4,964 members (38.5%) have visited the site within the past 12 months.

    We typically have 500-600 registered visitors per day. For example, in the past month, we have had 479-631 unique registered members visiting the site every day. The numbers usually peak during the week and are lowest on the weekends. The registered members create 50-60 new threads and make 300-700 posts per day.

    At any given time, between 50-75% of the visitors to the site are unregistered and we usually have over 100 visitors on board at any given time. We have had over 500 visitors on board on several occasions. But, if we assume 100 visitors per hour for 24 hours, this comes to about 2400 visitors per day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck
    What are the stats like if you take off the people who have registered but never posted?
    I used to wonder also. so I started going to the HOME page to see who was onkine when I came on. I have found a LOT of people who have registered and NEVER posted viewing threads. Many of them registered years ago.

    Try it yourself. When I first came online in early 97, I NEVER posted to any forums. It wasn't until I had been on a few years until I did. OTHER THAN gaming forums.

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