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Thread: bladder diverticula question?

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    bladder diverticula question?

    i have had about 5 uti's in the last 6 months. i had tests done at the hospital and they said i have diverticula of the bladder. has anyone had this? the doctor wants me to take 50mg of macrodan a day for 3 months and see what happens.
    anyone that has info on this topic please respond

    A pouch or sac in the lining of the mucous membrane of an organ.

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    Bladder diverticuli are caused by having a high pressure bladder that is allowed to maintain high pressures over a long period of time. Weak areas develop in the muscle wall and allow the mucosa (lining) of the bladder to pooch out from the wall into the abdominal cavity. Theses little sacs contain urine, which does not drain well and become a constant source of reinfection.

    I would first want to be sure that the bug(s) you are growing in your urine are actually sensative to Macrodantin as there is often resistance to this medication. In addition, it would be necessary to periodically recheck to be sure you do not develop new resistance during the 3 months. It would be best to have consultation with an infectious disease expert in addition to your urologist. Unfortunately unless the diverticuli are removed surgically it is very common that you will repeat this cycle of reinfection once you are off the Macrodantin. Be sure you have no stones in addition to this, as diverticuli can make you more likely to develop them.

    In addition, you need to look at your bladder management program and identify with your urologist why you developed this complication, and take actions to reduce your bladder pressures to a safe level.


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