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Thread: Building a New Accessible Home!

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    Sorry for the delay guys I've had a long day. I appreciate your suggestions and info. I attached some pictures for you guys to see, although they are a couple of weeks old. I'll also tried to scan my floor plan for you guys to check out.

    You will notice that I decided to add a third car garage, this is so that my wife can pull in the smaller third garage, while I pull in large garage and have room to pay down my ramp.

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    Thanks everyone. I decided to do the research myself and have designed the house to be "barrier-free", especially in the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, closets. I also designed the front exterior of the house. Then took my plan to the architect to draw it up professionally. It's really cool to see the house go up and be brought into fruition. My wife just basically gave her input up on the general style she likes and aesthetic wishes that have no effect on accessibility. Actually, she had some great accessibility of her own. We are actually about 2.5 months into it and am now trying to decide on a ceiling lift. I started a post about ceiling lifts here:

    Tasty, you also mentioned vocational rehab paying for a ceiling lift? That would be fantastic. I will definitely be contacting them because the VA will not pay for ceiling lifts anymore. Do you think they would pay for an automatic door opener? Any tips on how to get this done with vocational rehab/Center for independent living would be appreciated.

    By the way, I turned the big 30 yesterday! Oh No!

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    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Your new home looks and sounds great! Don't forget to post more pictures ~ thanks!

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    I just find that I don't use the elevator, I would prefer everything on one floor. I have had one person stuck in my elevator so as I said I won't use it unless I know someone is here. atleast if it was a ramp I wouldnt have to worry about the cost to fix it when it breaks down or the worry that it will break down. Its a lot to maintain the elevator (could just be the type I have) I feel the cost was way more than it is worth.

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    We are getting ready to build also. My daughter already has her land. She wants a log house and since I am going to travel for a while and hopefully end up somewhere with a fulfilling job, I am thinking of adding a garage and then a mother in laws efficiency on the end of the garage. She wants a master bedroom on the second floor for her but otherwise I think I am going to go ahead and make everything accessible for later years. A spiral staircase is a must have for her as well but I am going to go ahead and make everything on the ground floor wide.

    Anybody got experience or own a log house? There are a couple of local builders with good reputations but I am still hesitant. It is a big project for one person...LOL

    The houses in this thread are beautiful...
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    I've just bought the land and am starting the planning phase - it's really exciting
    Phil C6
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    This thread couldn't have come along at a better time. Great suggestions so far and the house is coming along nicely flyarmy.

    Just started looking for land myself this past weekend. Me and my two siblings are looking for 15-20 acres to split, but be close to one another. I've been on the internet for days and hours looking at floor plans. I'm probly going to have to design my own bringing several designs together including a basement, in-law suite and elevator. Also making sure I pour an outside rollway to get from the basement to top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois
    why is the elevator a pain (besides being unreliable which is obvious)?
    Because closet elevators and lifts can be unreliable, and they're also not very fast even when they do work, I'm wondering why so many gimps are building multi-story houses. Is it a space/land issue? Is it a cultural/geographical thing? Meaning that 2 story houses are just what people are used to in their part of the country? Also, for those who are thinking of putting in an elevator or who already have one in their home, do you have a generator in case of a power loss?


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    Mine is a one story home. I put the elevator in to go the basement where currently I have pool table/work out stuff/spare bed & bath. When building again I am leaving the basement unfinished and just putting all that stuff on one floor even though it might cost more in the end because it will mean a bigger lot. In case of power failure my elevator will go down (it just wont come up)

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    Flyarmy, if you are a disabled veteran, VR will not provide cost services as this is the responsibility of the VA. Why won't they pay for an automated door, if that's what you need. Perhaps if you clarify your situation, I can provide a better answer.

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