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Thread: Detrol LA question

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    Detrol LA question

    I'm currently taking 4 mg of Detrol LA twice a day and it works wonderfully. So my question is, what could I expect if I switched to Detrol (NOT Detrol LA) 2 mg twice a day? For those of you who take Detrol, how much of it and how often do you take it, if you don't mind answering? Thanks guys.

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    Curious why you want to change? Most people have less side effects with the extended release version. Some find that regular Detrol works better while others do better on the LA (extended release). It is very individual.


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    The whold idea behind this is all about the Money. I found that I can save about $150 per month if I switch. My state (WI) has a website that has pharmacies from Canada that offer prescription drugs at discount prices. I'm currently paying an outrageous amount for the Detrol LA. I was just wondering if I could get the same results with just plain Detrol, they don't offer Detrol LA it seems.

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    Actually,the recommended daily dose of Detrol LA is 4 mg. total daily, and you are taking 8 mg. While you can try 4 mg. of regular Detrol total daily (in divided doses) it is likely that this may not work as well for you. Talk to your physician about trying this change and decide together how long a trial period you may want to attempt. I am assuming that you have a high pressure bladder which this drug would help manage, not just incontinence. You cannot tell by simple observation if your pressures would be lowered to a safe level with this change in drugs.


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