Low income SCI living independantly appears possable, but how do higher dependat quadraplegics do it?

Directly after my injury and rehab, it was time to test my new life. Probably as many SCI people new to life, I moved in with my caregiver. This might work for some, but my situation deteriorated quickly.

I vowed not to move in on family members until a cousin I never met before, convinced me to move in with her in centeral California. She turned out to be a wonderfull person. I quickly learned how to manage my attendants successfully having seldom if ever to involve my new found cousin except for sharing meals, letting me in and outdoors, and so forth. After ten years she wanted her prvacy returned. I immediatlly ran an addvertisment in the area I wished to move to. Again I as looking for a caregiver looking for someone as me to me in with her as I had done years earlier.

Though I vowed never to move in with my caregiver again, this seemed ideal for a transitional solution, and it was until as suspected to deteriorate in time again. Problem is, in our own homes we are free to hire & fire as needed.

With ampel income, disabled persons will have cash resources to pay for any help needed. I would cherish knowing how others as myself resolve their living situation on a low income budget.

Please post, or even write me at, merrill2u@cox.net. Thank you.