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Thread: I hurt jy back BADLY.; ; ned prayers

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    I hurt jy back BADLY.; ; ned prayers

    deatils later buta spent day at hopsital and now acnnot move for 3 adays except to use thea bathroom Chad's dad on his way nows to take care of him. plase pray for me == Ami (who is not auspporsed to be susinmg the dcompouter at all nmow, too beavhy and too drugged. ...)

    dan,k call me tomorrow afternoon and i'll gtiave you the scoop ot upsdate the board.s
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    God Ami!!!!

    I will keep you in my prayers.... Let us know if there is anything you need or I can do...


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    Im going to order you a suit of Armor...... When it pours for you it seems.

    Feel better soon....hugs ((((Ami/Chad))))
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    So sorry Ami. I will keep you in my prayers. Take it easy and heal.


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    Oh, Ami. So sorry to hear you're hurt again.

    Now get off the computer, get in bed and enjoy those apparently major league drugs.

    Sending **hugs** and much love your way.

    Here's to better, pain/injury free days.

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    Good grief, Ami, I'll help Daisy pay for an exoskeleton for you!
    I hope you can get comfortable, then heal well.
    - Richard

    p.s. In the back of my mind I often worry about what would happen if I couldn't care for my wife. I'm glad that you had someone to stand in for you.

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    You take care of yourself...I can think of easier ways to get some rest...

    Love and prayers,


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    prayers to u ami -- you can come stay in my padded room.

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    I guess I must have missed this thread. It's Thursday coffee day and Ami had this really good excuse for missing. I'm a bit iffy on the facts, but as I understand it, Ami hurt her back while opening a Fedex envelope yesterday. A sharp pang of electricity went through her back followed by pain, pain and did I mention pain?

    She went to the ER for treatment, is on muscle relaxants, pain medication and more muscle relaxants. Apparently she also has some kind of degenerative disc problem. She's going to be in bed for a couple of days and currently at her mom/dad's house being waited on by her mom. Chad's dad drove down from up North to come take care of him until their PCA comes back from holiday vacation.

    Prayers go out to Ami, Chad and their family.

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    Thanks for the update. If you're in contact with Ami, please tell her we're all thinking about her and hoping things work out well for her soon.
    - Richard

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