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Thread: booty ache

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    I do not have normal sensation so I am numb all the time but the last years I have lost all the sensation in the skin on the hips and outside my feets. And I do not feel the difference between cold and hot. But I have been like that from the first day.

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    I have had that pain for 20 years. Not all the time but if I am lifting things and bending down I have it at once. It is terrible, the only help is to lay down and take muscles relaxers. The bad thing is I do not have the time to do it. I hate washing clothes and pick things up from the floor because then it si happening an hour later.

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    What is a fushion?

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    My pain is worse with fatigue. But it is always present. When first injured I was concerned thinking that I was developing a pressure sore. But that proved to be false.

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    And what is fatigue? Is it when you sleep 12 hours a day and the rest of the day you feel tired?

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69. I am still a walker but I do not know for how long time.

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    I don't have the normal sensation either. I could sit on a block of ice and not feel it. my calves I can but not my butt and thigh's no feeling.also my anal spinchter is numb. My feet feel like they are asleep and then having to try to walk on them!!!!!!! plus my toes are curved and I can't walk on them. I walk on my heel's.
    see I had a burst fracture, like the vertebra just exploded, they did not find it for almost 2 full month's so I had went through rehab and all and they had me up trying to walk with a walker on my back like that. anyway's the fushion they took about 80 percent out and threw it away. then they put in a Titanium basket and crushed part of my rib and put it in there, took a steel plate and 4 screws and put me togather like that. It is suppose to turn into one solid bone from t11 to l1 3 of them togather.oh yeah they made a insicision about 13 " long on my left side, That bother's me alot, guess it was all the nerves they cut but Yes my pain does get worse when I get fatigued I think from what I've read it takes more sleep for people with SCI's Look up a T12 fushion on the net and it will show you what it is or look's like I'm not suppose to be smoking but with everything going on I am. I will get quit! But I am off on a medical leave from a factory and it looks like they are going to shut it down so I don't know where I will go from there. anyway I would like to see a T12 thread too seem's like there are alot of us. Hope I might have helped in some way

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    i regret that i haven't been posting lately, however this caught my eye and struck a chord.
    as a complete, high quad it was often met with hopeful skepticism when i complained that my butt hurt after a few hours on the chair. some would say, 'gee, it must be a promising sign', whereas my physiatrist would suggest phantom feeling.
    yet,the pain decreases once i transfer, or ingest a painkiller. moreover, the pain appears fairly consistly once on the chair for the day. ultimately, it keeps me from participating in many things during the day, and beholden to pain killers. which really sucks.
    any ideas?

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    When I was in rehab, my butt hurt like he**, it took a lot of cushion trying to find something that helpped it. That's where I found the Roho that I use. I had to argue for it a little bit because I supposedly didn't have feeling loss in my bottom & I also supposedly didn't have "seating problems" I won that argument & am very greatful that I did. I still get that tailbone pain sometimes, especially if I sit on furniature that's broken down.
    TIM C-
    It sounds like the cushion you have in your chair is probably wrong for you...It would probably make you a lot happier & comfortable if you found one that works better for you.


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