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Thread: booty ache

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    I'm glad that I saw this post. I have the exact same problem....I was really beginning to worry about it. I transfer out at least once a day and do my homework on my bed. Usually, after I get off of it for a while, the pain isn't as bad in the evenings.

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    I have tried one of those cushion's when I was in my wheelchair it did not work for me but may for other's. Now I have to use what they call a coxync hope I spelled that right, cushion it has a space cut out for your tailbone like a big V and it is very stiff. The soft ones don't work at all

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    I am new here but have been spending a lot of time lately in bed and on the computer and I came across this great forum. I am also an incomplete T-12, mine happened in 1982, and I have used a chair all these years.

    The title of this thread caught my eye because I am having the same problem. The ache in my booty while I sit started last summer and it progressively got worst and worst until it has left me with laying down being the only position which relieves my pain. I am on huge amounts of narcs (which hardly touch the pain), have had to quit driving, resign from my job and get back on Social Security. Needless to say it has been devastating. I would love to start a thread for t-12 incompletes and see what we have found in common as we age.

    My physiatrist and I believe that my booty ache (what a great word I was getting tired of pain in my ass) is a pudendal nerve injury and/or entrapment. Has anyone else ever heart of this? I think I was predisposedto it because of my spinal cord injury and that as my glutes have atrophied away over the years my ishial tuberosities have had no padding and neither have the nerves which are so desnse in this area.

    Has anyone else heard of this type of nerve injury...the pudendal nerve?


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    Hi Tocker
    if you will look back thru the pain or care you will seee where I brought up the subject on the pudendal nerve

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    What would we have to do to start a T-12 thread? I think it would be so nice to talk about issues we all have in common. Any ideas?


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    I'm not sure but it would be interesting to find out what we all have in common.


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    I'm still new to my sci(L-1), what are the major differences between a T-12 to an L-1? IE:What other or more severe problems does one of you w/a T-12 injury than someone like me with and L-1? I know that there are a lot of nerves there, but I don't know what's what. Thanks


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    Does all the th 12 have the belt of pain across the back just over the injury, too? I am curious now. I know two other th 12 who have it besides me.

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    I wonder if a moderator can move this (and several of the posts below) to a new thread called T12 injuries or something like that.

    WFE, I don't have the pain you describe. If I sit too long I do have numbness across the top of my butt/hips. I'm not sure if that is from the SCI or the surgery that took bone from my hip. Mike

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    I don't have the belt pain but I do where the fushion is. I have a fushion from L1 to T11.
    I did have the pain you are describing before my surgery very badly, That is the pain I kept telling them about in the rehab. My spine surgeon said that that is where you feel the pain from a T12 so I don't know why I don't have it. My worst is from my side where they went in to do the surgery
    you might ask the nurses or Dr. young what the difference is. does your tailbone area hurt? I'm hurting there most of the time now. Hard to sit
    and hard to walk, What do you do?

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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