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Thread: wijit vs magic wheels

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    wijit vs magic wheels

    Have any of you had any experience with either of these two products??? the wijit just looks weird and problematic with transfers...the magic wheels look more stylish but on the video the people look like they are still struggling...if any of you know anything about it please let me know...

    Thanks lot
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    I saw a magic wheels demo in seattle. There isn't any added transfer difficulty that I noticed.
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    I have magic wheels. The only time I use them are on ramps, like on my van. I haven't had any problems with them and they are just like having regular wheels. They do add a little weight. If you are looking for push assistance all of the time, I wouldn't recommend them, but if you just need it for hills and grass, they suit me just fine. I do like the built in grade assist, works great. Call the company for a demo, they let me use them for a long weekend. They have a rep in Crystal Lake or Lake Zurich, IL Ibelieve.

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