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Thread: coumadin and high urine output

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    coumadin and high urine output

    Strange question, but here goes. I am on coumadin due to blood clots I had this summer. It get monitored regurally by blood tests, and is generally pretty level. This last test it was very high, didn;t think to ask for the numbers at the time, but I was to stop taking the coumadin for the weekend, and have it retested on Monday. (and ps .... be careful!)

    But here is the question. All yesterday and today I have been having unusually high volumes when I cath. 500-700cc, cathing about every 6 hours, when I would usually be getting 200-300. I have definately not been drinking more, nor does it seem like an UTI. Very clear, no sediment, and any leaking seems to be purely a "overflow" type.

    Could this be connected?
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    It would not be related to taking Coumadin. I would suggest you call your primary physician if this is continuing. You should be tested for diabetes or other causes of unexplained diuresis.


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