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Thread: stopping dantrolene

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    stopping dantrolene

    My sister, a C 4/5 quad has been using 60 mg Baclofen and 50 mg Dantrolene daily. Spasticity and spasms are definitely present, but we're considering dropping dantrolene entirely. She's at Project Walk and away from her GP for the next couple months, and does not have a physiatrist at the moment.

    Any comments on conducting a home experiment with continuing with Baclofen, but dropping the dantrolene completely...and cold turkey?

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    i was on 150mgs of dantrium (dantroline) and i was told i could just drop it completely. i ramped it down, then i was told that after.

    if you ever want to get off baclofen, you have to ramp it down.
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    that dantrium is some powerful stuff. they had me takin 100mgs 3x a day. i was wasted all the time. dunno if it was the right way but i just quit cold turkey.

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