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Thread: Care Cure community involvement in Manual Chair Research

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    sure thing. sounds useful.

    side note: if you need help w/ copyediting the proposal and/or input on usability testing for the project, PM me.

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    Scott, Andy, thanks!

    I'll be in contact with you. The grant gets submitted Feb 1st & awards are announced by May 1st.


    Within this database we are not collecting anthropometrc data. However, indications from research are that an elbow flexion angle of 100 - 120 degrees is physiologically optimal. 180 = full extension. But remember, that optimizes based on metabolics. This is measured with the user sitting in their preferred posture for propulsion, with their hands placed at top dead center of the pushrim.

    Personally, I feel that quads need to sit a bit deeper to get the most leverage & contact area on the rim since most cannot grasp the rim itself. My elbow flexion angle is closer to 90 degrees.


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    I could use about 10 volunteers. So if anyone else is interested, please speak up!

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    I"ll help out any way I can...give my input...I haven't seen the smartwheel thing y'all are talking about, I'll check out that site in a lil bit.
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    I'll help out too...

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    Awesome! After the grant gets submitted, i'll get you the abstract. I won't know till may if it is funded & then it will be late in 2007 when i need your help.

    i'll keep everyone posted.


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    I just wanted to let everyone know the grant was funded.

    I'll be in touch about how you'll be able to help. But basically I need to design a website that shows you how to asses your propulsion technique.

    It needs to be dummy proof. So, with that in mind, what would you like to know about how you push? What pieces of information would you find the most valuable.

    The site will provide comparison points to the entire database, so you will be able to compare yourself to the sci population at large.

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    Congrats on your funding. I've done the smart wheel in the past but it only evaluates one wheel. I think my push is lopsided --- stronger on one side than the other. I'd like to assess that if I could.
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    I'm pretty sure my push is lopsided too.

    Count me in, I'll help in any way I can.

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    Congrats on your funding!

    I definitely push more with one arm than the other. My right is stronger. With my left, I use the back of my hand to push where I have some knuckles missing from major surgery. There is no ability to use the inside of that hand, no wrist movement at all unlike my right.

    If I will not skew your results, I'll be happy to participate.

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