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Thread: Disk compression

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    Disk compression

    How common is disk compression below the level of damage after setting in a char for 26 years? I was recently told I have a compressed disk at L4-S1. On the x-ray it was less than half as thick as the neighboring disks.

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    did this cause voing problems for you, why did they look there for anything did you have voiding problems pain in ur back sides thats what im having i might be taking a mri to see...
    hope all is well

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    Caused no new problems other than amplifying a bit of pain.

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    It is unlikely to cause problems unless you are incomplete. What does your physician say about possible treatment? Is it due to disc protrusion, or due to osteoporotic vertebral compression? Muscle paralysis can be a factor in the development of disc disease.


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    It just sort of looked flat in the x-ray with no bulging of the disc. Unfortunately the decompression they wanted to do is not covered by my insurance.

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