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Thread: I could use some advice on a wheelchair

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    I could use some advice on a wheelchair

    Well, the time has come for me to get an electric wheelchair to get around campus and be more mobile. Does anybody have any suggestions or advice on whether i should get a rear wheel, mid wheel, or a front wheel?? Also any advice on what works best or what to stay away from would be greatly appreciated. I'm 6'4 and wiegh 210 so keep that in mind.

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    Check out
    The only chair we have experience is has mid-wheel drive; it has a zero turning radius, so is quite maneuverable. is a description of the effects of drive wheel location.
    - Richard

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    I've rode them all and I use them outside on uneven hilly ground, if it has 6 wheels CWD, don't go in rough, you are eventually gonna high center the drive wheels and need a push.
    If it's rear wheel, careful going down steep slopes, they slip, go in reverse.It will climb as long as motor has the power. Other than that, cool beans.
    MWD (6 wheels only 4 on ground at a time)with the front 2 wheels acting only as 'anti tips', you can go anywhere as long as you are careful not to high center the drives[but it is less likely if you have them a few inches from the ground]. To go up steep slopes you may have to go in reverse to keep traction and the 'anti-tips will be the set on the ground and the rear wheels will be in the air. They will climb anything as long as the motor has the power.

    6 wheeled CWD chairs are great indoors as are MWD (4+2) with a small turning radius and able to take tighter turns with hallways and narrow doors. RWD doesn't do as good in this situation as they have a larger turning radius. Often you do better going in reverse in tight areas.

    I've heard some folks say TDX-# chairs can't be stuck very easy and a few said they did get stuck. Same for Quantum various#s.

    Ideally, you need to determine if you are going to use it a lot off road, sand, gravel, hills or is it primarily an indoors, flat / solid surface chair.THEN decide and TEST the prospective chair in the worst scenario.
    I own a Bounder RWD, 2 Quickies- one a MWD and the other a RWD, and an old Ranger X MWD. The CWD gets high centered(needs push) offroad, I now ONLY use it on pavement/concrete. The Bounder RWD can fly, climb trees and do magic though it rides like a dumptruck(rough). The Ranger MWD could go anywhere and climb darn near anything(I had 4 pole motors) but you are often passed by excited turtles.
    The quickie RWD is great and has pretty good speed, it just doesn't have the high current wiring necessary for really steep hills, and shuts down sometimes to cool the motors.
    I live in very hilly area though. Once again, terrain use is the first decision to make. Then it's all comfort choices after that. I will say that a rising seat is the HANDIEST part of owning a Bounder, 13 inches of lift is great. 12 mph is super cool for running long distance. But if you are gonna go long distance across rough terrain, look for one with suspension(which the newer Bounders have) mine don't. I'm 6'2" but skinny 125 lbs. And I'm rough as can get on my chairs. Not a city boy.

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    Remember this???? it will get you there.

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    My Jazzy 1100 is eight years old and has gone over and through everything I have ever asked it to handle outside. It is midwheeldrive with six wheels with the antitippers in front. I call it the Caterpillar becase it crawls over all the things that my other chairs used to throw me on my face over.

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