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Thread: How close are they to a cure?Question for an MD or Nurse or anyone who might know

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    How close are they to a cure?Question for an MD or Nurse or anyone who might know

    I know there is still alot of testing being done. I have read stories of different types of treatment. I also know that politics is slowing it in the U.S. I am wondering, have they found a cure and we just can't use it yet or are they not sure what will work? Also, there have been different time frames for a cure mentioned. Are we looking at a matter of a few years or are we talking decades? I know these sound like silly questions that there is no answer to, but some things I read sound so sure of a cure soon and others say we have so far to go.

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    Better find yourself a nice chair and something good to watch, cuz
    it's gonna be a while.

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    the question is better asked, "when will they release the cure?"
    enough research has been done to reverse paralysis in chronic injury.

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    Originally posted by Dr. Young on July of 2004:

    If funding were made available, I think that some of third generation therapies will be available as soon as 8 years from now. That would make it 2012.
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    Here's the link:

    In 2006, Dr. Young indicated efficacy (proof of concept) could occur in the next 3 years (2009). Dr. Guest with the Miami Project indicated proof of efficacy could occur within the next 5 years (2011).

    Sometimes I think this forum should be called the Care-Cure-When.

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    Dr. Young also mentioned, that he thinks a cure will be here sooner rather than later, did many of you miss that part?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollin Rick
    Dr. Young also mentioned, that he thinks a cure will be here sooner rather than later, did many of you miss that part?
    Sooner can mean anything. Not to down play the statement but sooner could mean 8 years rather than 15...

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    Plant a slow growing tree today and you will have shade to enjoy your celebratory beverage when "THE" cure comes.

    More realistic in the short term is development of treatments that will yield quality of life enhancements to those with SCI.

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    The foundation knowledge needed to provide a cure is already there. We have not yet worked out how to use that knowledge as effectively as we need to and the inevitable time delay between working it out and it being available en masse, means that we are looking at 2020, at least, before it is available in all but a very few elite establishments.

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    Here here Foolish.

    Although I'm pulling for "the cure," right now I would settle for bowel and bladder function. There is a procedure that may take us there in trials right now. I am involved in some Estim projects that I find very exciting. No, it's not "the cure" but in short order, I may be able to stand up in the grocery store to reach the top shelf or trigger the stim and stand up to transfer or just pull down my pants! That too will greatly enhance my quality of life.

    I don't always understand the care vs cure argument. I want both. Until the cure comes and I can get rid of this chair, I want someone working on making my days in it, however many that may be, easier.

    In the meantime, we must work to preserve our bodies and be as healthy as possible so that when the time comes, we'll be eligible for the treatments. So, ROM and weightbearing, etc. are critical
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