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Thread: How do you get health care coverage if working

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    How do you get health care coverage if working

    I am trying to figure out health care...does anybody have a job that pays health insurance? If you get a job that offers health insurance can you be denied coverage because of SCI? I know medicaid is if you collect SSI but what if you are lucky enough to land a job what are your health care options?

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    I have health care insurance with my employer-- I don't think you can be denied coverage. If I need anything, I just get a prescription from a doc. Try doing a search on pre-existing condition. There should be more info.

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    Usually employer health plans do not exclude pre-existing conditions. But if you have health insurance through an individual plan, pre-existing conditions are usually excluded either for the life of the policy or for 12-24 months.

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    I have health insurance from my employer. I became employed more than 20 years ago and was sci. After I got my job I questioned wheather they would pay for a power chair and medical issues related to my sci and I was told that an employer and health insurance providers could not discriminate, especially if it was offered to a group of employees at a set group rate to the employer and/or employee. I somehow don't think things have changed any but if you're still wondering an ADA lawyer would be able to answer this question. I look at it this way. If someone is ab and has diabetes, heart problems or any hidden disability or health issues, when they go to use their benefits they would not be turned down because they had these problems before they were employed. Just because yours are visible should not make a difference.

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    Thanks for the info...

    Ergovepoeg..How do you get an individual plan? Is it expensive? How can I research this?


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    Hi Aspen...

    Please call me Sieg... Anyway... I know that Blue Cross Blue Shield has individual plans... you can go to their website ans get info... as far as cost... that would vary by state, your age, etc.... but, as I said.... pre-existing conditions have limitations with individual plan coverage... some plans exclude the condition for the life of the policy and others have a set waiting period before they will cover the condition.


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    There is not a pre-existing condition issue if you get a job with the Govt.

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    I just went through this.

    If you're not covered currently, it's a high probability that you will not be eligible for individual coverage from any insurance company. I've never seen one that'll take on an individual w/ a SCI, although I could be mistaken. The option you're looking at here is finding an employer with a group plan that you can obtain coverage through. Once you have coverage, HIPAA laws kick in & then you can't be denied coverage (within a certain time period) if you quit working for the employer with the group plan.

    My situation: I've fortunately had coverage through my parents up to about a year and a half ago. Through college I was on my Dad's group plan, and afterwards I piggybacked on my Mom's group plan. Time eventually came for this to change (something about my age, not being a dependent, etc) and I had to figure out other options. Thing is, I'm currently self-employed. I wasn't able to simply transition to an individual health care plan; I had to take on a COBRA policy, which was basically a continuation of the previous group plan through my mom's [old] employer. This was at 100% cost to me, but that's how the system works. COBRA had to be exhausted (18mo) before I could get off of it, unless of course I took a position with a company with another group plan. Well, as of new years day, my COBRA finally ran out. Due to HIPAA laws, I was able to apply for an individual health care plan & could not be denied. Granted, my health insurance is now about as much as a car payment, or roughly 3x what it would be w/o the SCI, but that's how it goes w/ my medical history.

    You gotta realize that first and foremost, [US] insurance companies are businesses. They're in it to make money. It's a pain to deal with, but it is what it is.

    FYI: I went through NASE, underwritten by MEGA. I was covered through BC/BS (Anthem), but their individual options for me post-COBRA went outside of my budget.
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    I am still with the same employers as when I was injured. Like a lot of companies, they self-insure, but so far I haven't been denied anything that is medically necessary (apparently with my level of injury, a wheelchair isn't considered medically necessary, which is why I'm saving up for one).

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    If you receive SSI or SSDI,don't overlook Ticket to Work legislation that lets you work and buy into Medicaid.

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