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    this is kind of a bone head question but here ya go...

    For those of you who intermitent you drink beer or do you find it goes through you too fast to keep up?? I was injured in a rugby match and still love to go to all the rugby socials. I have been reluctant to have some pints with the guys cause i worry about cathing all the time. Does anyone else worry about this or avoid beer/alcohol post sci?


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    It does go through fast once you hit 2 or 3 pints - but then it always did.

    I always think of it as a great bladder cleanout - it's always crystal clear. If cathing didn't take so damn long I wouldn't mind.

    I tend to stick to bottles now because I get drunk quicker anyway now, there is less volume and draught always gives me a worse headache. I tried spirits but vodka tends to liquify my ass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sean9
    For those of you who intermitent you drink beer or do you find it goes through you too fast to keep up?? I was injured in a rugby match and still love to go to all the rugby socials. I have been reluctant to have some pints with the guys cause i worry about cathing all the time. Does anyone else worry about this or avoid beer/alcohol post sci?
    First of all, there is no reason that you can't still socialize with your friends even if you decide not to drink alcohol. I've never been to a bar or restaurant that didn't offer sodas or water. However, to address your question, I'm rather amazed at how much some people with disabilities have altered their lives post injury. No work because it takes too long to get dressed? Drive a minivan with a ramp because lifting a manual chair in and out of a cool car a couple of times a day is too hard on the joints? Avoiding a cold beer or good glass of wine with friends because cathing is inconvenient? That's just crazy talk!

    Beer doesn't go through you any faster now than it did before you broke your back. You're probably just more aware of how often you need to go to the bathroom and more nervous about not making it in time. (I know I am.) You could drink slower or use a leg bag when you go out, but I wouldn't give up hanging out with my friends over something as trivial as a trip to the bathroom every few hours.


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    YES, beer goes through me faster than harder alcohol...Beer just does a pass through for me...I can tell when I need to cath, which is a good thing, but beer has about a 30-45 minute pass through rate...ARGH! SOOOO if I'm going out drinking, I tend to stick to liquor(Captain Morgan usually) as it doesn't seem to process as fast...I've been out with friends, drinking beer and had to cath 4 or 5's quite frustrating and irritating...NOW, beer went through me that fast pre-injury as well, so I always had to run to the restroom multiple times if I was drinking beer...Ahh, the alcohol in beer hits me a lot harder and a lot faster than liquor as well...For these reasons, I'm a much bigger fan of Liquor than beer when consuming more than one drink....I can drink a ton of Captain & Coke's or White Russians and not be affected...but just a couple beers and i'm buzzed...
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    This is an issue now. Pre-sci, just stumble into the bathroom get the fly open and aim in the vicinity of the target and let er rip. Now it is a very different story, but I do like my beer. So I tend to drink and cath frequent. Total pain!

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    One beer can't hurt. You could drink less before you go out.

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    Yep,my bud goes quickly through me.It clears my tubing up too.I drink LL Ice tea or crown/7 and plenty of shots.
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    If you want to drink, try something besides beer...whiskey, shnapps, brandy, etc., without adding soda to won't have to go as often.

    I played some rugby in high school against our town's team of adults, and after they whooped us high schoolers pretty good, we'd all get hammered. So just be careful, I remember them rugby dudes as not only hard hitters, but hard drinkers, too

    Enjoy yourself, just don't overdo it. Don't get to the point where you forget to cath yourself, etc., which happened to me a few times when I was in my first few years after injury.
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    I've got a reflex bladder,and after 2-3 pints i'll be going to the pisser every 10-20 mins sometimes it can be less. and after i've had a few i dont feel the need to go and have to keep checking the leg bag now and again. It drives me mad its like i swallow it and the next minute its out. It can put me off drinking when im out and especially if the toilets aren't accessible. But once im pissed i guess i dont care and will even empty it in an empty bottle.
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    I live in a place where the consumption of alcohol is an important part of the social culture. It is VERY hard to leave the house without someone putting a drink in your hand. Friends can be very insistent and clever, and soon it seems like a great idea to have another.

    Here's what I've learned.

    1. NEVER drive to a place where the consumption of alcohol is remotely possible. Put the number of your favorite cab company in your cell phone.

    2. Wear a leg bag. This may not be possible for men who retain urine. You can drain the bag outside the bar if the bathroom is too weird. Cathing while partying requires a reduction in intake - sorry.

    3. EVERYTHING gets dicey once you're wasted.

    4. Make every other drink a water.

    4a. Drink as slow as possible.

    5. DON"T DRINK SHOTS!!!! Give them away, spill them, or throw them over your shoulder if you must.

    6. Keep your lips pressed tight together when hot, drunken married woman come over and kiss you.

    7. Don't hate yourself when you fuck up. This does NOT apply to #1, which may NEVER be violated!

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