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Thread: jay 2 back vs. jay xtreme back vs. roho jetstream

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    jay 2 back vs. jay xtreme back vs. roho jetstream

    what back do you use? and why?

    i just got the jay xtreme back and it helps me sit up straight and makes it easy for me to position myself, but i dont like how you can see my butt crack through the opening between the bottom of the backrest and my seat and i dont like the mounting hardware because I hook on my push handles a lot and its bruising my arms up from the bolts and hard back.

    i chose this one but i am hoping i can exchange it with my dme for a different style. even if he doesnt do the exchange i have got to get a new on...either a jay 2 or jetstream. i will sell the one i got i guess on ebay.

    any advice on the pros/cons of any of these back rests?

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    The 16" Jetstream Back and the Jay2 Back are nearly identical in shape, but the Jetstream is significantly lighter due to its carbon fiber shell and comes with a modesty cover for the gap. If you go with the Jetstream, I would suggest getting the adjustable mounting hardware. Bear in mind that the Jetstream does not have a quick release feature at this time.

    With either back, you may still run into the same problems when hooking because the padding is only slightly wider than the shell. Have you considered the MaTRx PB Elite back from Motion Concepts? It can be ordered with an adjustable range of your seat width (x) +1" or -1". If you order a PB Elite to fit x or x-1", the shell will be narrower, yet the padding will still cover the full width of your chair.

    How frequently and why are you hooking? If you are only doing so when bending over to pick something up or when performing pressure relief, that's one thing. If you are doing this to keep from falling forward, you may need your back angle opened up a little.

    Hope this info helps.

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    but i dont like how you can see my butt crack through the opening between the bottom of the backrest and my seat.

    I know what you mean, i recently got one too to help me sit straighter and i dont like that either. Not good if your pants come down and show the builders bum lol. They taken the back off my quickie ti too put the new one on. I thought it would be lower and not have a gap,but its in the perfect place any lower and it would dig into my lower back/ass. I also got a new cushion invacare or something by flo-tech coz it helps my legs from splaying out too much. My point is the new cushion is thicker than my old j-extreme and my ass isnt on show as much. I guess i've just gotta put up with it.
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    How far down are these type of backs supposed to go? Should there be a space between the back and the cushion? Should it touch the cushion? I'm trying to figure out what size back I need.

    Dank1, I had a J2 back and found it to be very uncomfortable and heavy. You should try and demo backs if you can.

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    I have yet to find a back that makes me sit or feel straighter.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    thanks for everyones input...

    i have never heard of Matrix pb elite back, i will see if my dme rep has one. he still has not returned my phone calls about returning the jay xtreme, but he is a flake and overall a lousy salesman. that is a whole other issue.

    on the jetstream, what is the adjustable mounting hardware? and the quick release hardware? is it in a fixed position otherwise? i like the idea of a modesty cover for the gap, though if its 16" i would have it set to its lowest position closest to my seat as possable. i realize the jetstream is lighter, but i have emotions so weight is not my biggest concern.

    i demo'd a jay 2 back a year ago and it seemed fine, but i ultimatly chose the jay xtreme, ironically, for the lighter weight prior to me buying the emotions (the emotions are the best investment i have made. i am so much more independent). the jay 2 has the same mounting hardware i think. is it 16" standard height? whats the difference between the jay2 and the jay active back?
    i have thought about how i could attach upholstry to cover the gap, but i have yet to figure out the best way to do that.

    i checked out the varilite back, i have never heard of or seen this back...looks nice, but again i want to demo it before i make a decision to buy one. that is the root of my problem, i should have demo'd the jay xtreme before commiting to order one.

    this is a lot harder than i anticipated. wish me luck in exchanging it...otherwise, anyone want to buy a jay xtreme back???

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    the jetstream comes in 10" as well - i have that with the adjustable hardware. thats a longer attachment brackets on the 10", and there are two attachment points that go on your back canes. the standard has just one, so you have greater scope in height adjustability. but the adjustable one also has depth and angle.
    the one i have i def not quick release, and i dont think the standard is either.

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    on the 10", does it have the upholstry to cover the gap between the backrest and cushion?

    so the adjustable hardware allows one to adjust the height, depth, and angle? where the fixed hardware only allows one to adjust the height? did i get this right?

    the jetstream is expensive, $100 more than the j2. very interesting...

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    You have it right about the differences in hardware. The Jetstream is more-expensive because it is carbon fiber. There is no quick release feature available on any Jetstream model. On the plus side, it will not come out of adjustment, rattle, or pop out of the mounting hardware.

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    If I might suggest skipping all these fancy and in my mind of questionable benefit backs and go for something a little more ol' fashioned (or is it more with the times as wheelchairs arent the bizarre contraptions they used to be?). Anyway, you guys should check into sling backs, and specifically those 'tension adjustable' types. You can make them as flat or as curved as you want them, they are lighter, make your chair much more portable, have no protrusions to poke at you, and are not nearly as Rube Goldberg'ish than any of those special backs. I had a J2 back, now I dont and I'm glad that got canned. I just dont see the point of them except for making money for the maker as they seem to be yet another solution in search of a problem when looking at some medical equipment. If you are using a manual chair, you do not really need these backs IMO. And before trunk control is mentioned...pretty much all SCI unless you are really low level have no control, as do I. No problems here with a sling back, it just might work for everyone else that assumes they need one of these things because the manufacturer is pushing it in advertisments or though rehab centers (like Jay does). Save the clunkyness and added weight, and with these you have 0 butt crack showing as they go down to the seat pan too!

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