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Thread: Quitting smoking and bladder leakage

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    Quitting smoking and bladder leakage

    Just like many people I need a resolution to quit smoking in 2007. Although it's only been two days I've run into a problem since I quit smoking I'm now leaking urine through my penis. I have super pubic catheter and just changed it three days ago and it seems to be working fine. I have noticed that my bladder and abdominal area feels much tighter meaning more pressure since I quit smoking. Is this normal and if you have any words of wisdom they would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks C4-5 incomplete

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    OMG, me too! I quit a week or so ago and the bladder spasms are UNBELIEVABLE. At first I thought it was from a kidney stone, and at first it was. But I finally passed that damned thing and I'm still peeing insanely.

    I can pee regular (don't have to cath) but my bladder is compromised and prone to spasms.

    Nurse, does nicotine withdrawal cause bladder spasms? My lower belly is burning and I'm pretty sure it's from bladder spasms. (The fact that I'm sporting Depends because I pee at random is another clue. )

    alittleslower, are you taking anything for quitting, e.g. Chantix or nicotine gum? I'm taking Chantix, it really helps.

    Coincidentally, I have a urologist appt. tomorrow which was made months ago. If I learn anything about this I'll update you!

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    I'm not currently taking anything but I have a doctors appointment next week so I'll probably try what you're taking. It hasn't been hard but I just experiment and have one about every eight hours to see what it does.

    Thanks for your reply

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    I am not aware of nicotine withdrawal causing bladder spasms. I would first want to make sure you don't coincidentally have a bladder infection. Check in with your doctor. And also ask for help with quitting. There are more and more products available to smooth the process. Let you doctor help you.


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    I read something on this a long time ago and forgot most of it. The problem seemed to be that cigarettes contain acetylcholine. Wise??? I think this is up your alley.
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    Went to the urologist, I haven't got any more stones, urine is pure as the driven snow, I'm emptying okay. STILL having bladder spasms! He said there is a wealth of info on the bad things that smoking does to the bladder-up to and including bladder cancer. He has never heard of quitting causing these symptoms.

    It's obvious to me, our bladders are used to the nasty chemicals and feeling the lack, just like our brains.

    Uro said if 2 of us are sci'd, having the same symptoms, then it was definitely a problem for at least 2 of us. Duhhhh. LOL, that was helpful, eh?

    Hope you feel better, get the uti thing checked!

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