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Thread: i'm new and confused?!

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    i'm new and confused?!

    i am a t6-t7 injured patient which happened on 21st july 2006 when enjoying a day out on my motorcycle was ruined by a 17yr old in a brand new audi bought by his parents! i was released from hospital mid december '06 and am a very impatient man. i cannot see myself being this way for the rest of my life, and am willing to try anything that could improve my chances-even china.
    i am trialling a fes bike next week, and will be ordering one straight after to keep myself fit strong and healthy.
    i am fortunate enough that once compensation has been resolved, funding for any kind of treatment will not be an issue, and am, i guess, pinning my hopes on stem cells like many others.
    i am reading some of your threads and people do not seem enthusiastic over them, or is that because they've been promised for so long??
    think i will go for it as soon as i can, regardless, and i am aware they may not even work but am still willing to try. should i wait??

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    James, although some people have been helped, you should talk to the people here who have had the procedure done. There are several of them. then from there to make up your mind as of what to do. They will help you here!!!!!!! I was on my Cycle when a 83 yr old got me!!!

    One thing you will have to learn is patience, because we have no choice! try to do things to fast and we fail, like physical things I mean
    Good Luck!

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    Too bad you're in the UK, we got alot in common, I am the master of impatiance. I was injured in December of 2003, when a part of a building fell off the second floor roof. Landed me in a coma for 8 weeks, and a whole lot more. I've got you beat though, not proud to say. Fractures , occipital, C6, C7, T7, T8, spinal fusion T3-T11, Spleenectomy, TBI, bedsore, DVT's, soory but it has pages more to it.
    I regained consciousness a couple of hundred miles away, and didn't know how I got there. It was probly for the better.
    I have since regained some movement, I walk with a cane or a walker, or a shopping cart. I live alone in a 2 story house on a steep hill. To get to the first floor I have to walk upa flight of stairs from the basement, it is at drive in level. Not to mention a 135 pound dog, that does not get up if I am walking around the house, I have to step over it.
    Cook, some cleaning, and all house repairs, are mine, Iam just too cheap to have someone do it.
    I go to Physical Therapy 2-3 times a week and now to a gym, not to mention the stairs in the house.
    I have looked at Stem Cells, but, I don't think the time is right yet. I have been doing alot of agressive therapy, and more, it has been the best. I'm 47 and the last year has been much better than the first 2. I would say to keep on working at the therapy end of it. The muscles in me never atrophied, instead they got stronger, I continue to keep them in top shape, even though some days I don't want to, if I don't move every day, I loose it real fast.
    Nothing is imposible, there's no quick fix yet to my knowledge. I'm a strong person, and have always been. Rather than call for someone to help me, I step back, look at it, and try to figure out a safe way to do it.
    I am not succesful every time, klutz barely puts a name on it, dangerous is more like it. But I continue to learn from my mistakes, yes, there have been many. But I want to get back to a normal life, this has taken over three years of my life away from me. Try an FES bike, I never got to use one, but don't give up or stop with the simple things, they help more than you can imagine. Good Luck.....

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    you do sound like you've got me beat, i'm only fused t7-t10, all ribs were fractured,punctured lung, etc etc, but it's the independence level and the ability to walk no matter what the aid used where you beat me hands down!
    got no movement below my injury site, yet on my right side i now have muscle control and feeling down to my waist, whereas the left side hasn't improved.
    once hospital release occurs in the u.k thats the end of your physio, so what aggressive methods do you find have helped? the bike is the start, and any other ideas will be considered!!

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    Bike is a great start, Walker if ou can do it, swimming, be careful, no one told me I could drown, but didn't actually I took to it quite well. Although my father was nice enough to throw in a life presever for me the first time, just in case, as he walked away! Me, I'm black and blue with a fat lip from the other day, my feet sometimes get "spastic" and glue to the floor without notice.

    I also had fractured ribs, was on a ventilator, for a month, it wasn't easy. the last time they tried to take me off the ventilator, was going to be it, they tried many times befor, and I was unsuccesful, kind of like I knew this was it, and I started to breath, What you got to do to me to make me understand and pull through!!!!!!

    Keep working at it and listen to the people here, my Doc's wonder where I come up with the stuff I've tried and want to try. It all comes from right here, this is a great site, I only wish I found it sooner, But I'm here, and moving forward. Not too bad for someone who was given his last rights so many times they had little hope for me. Well' it's off to the blood lab, and then to the gym. Don't be afraid to try something, it just might work for you, every injury is different, and everybody. No one knows what makes me tick!!!!

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    I am a T6 injured in Sept. 2003 during a motocross race. Punctured lungs, broken ribs, shattered left wrist, etc. Rods go from T2 to T10-11.

    On the first of my two cents I can say that I was not (and still am not) a patient person either. It is tough but SCI will make you patient in a hurry. Take a deep breath and learn to count to 10, or 20, or 50, or 100 or whatever it takes, you will need it.

    My second cent is a strong recommendation to seek patience particularly in the area of putting your body up as a guinea pig. Do your research, talk to people, read. Keep in mind that whatever you do today with a very minimal chance of substancial progress may affect the possibilities for tomorrow when hopefully meaningful improvements will come our way, whenever that may be.

    My two cents. Best of luck to you. Make friends in the SCI community. Every one has an inspiring story to tell and a lot of tips and advice to give.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I am new at this messge board and chat room stuff. I started with a chat room and spoke to "Laura" who gave me this chat room and some good terminology. After a couple of chats with Laura my computer went down and I went back in for emergency surgery. I am looking for her if she is out there?
    I have a c5 injury r/t surgery back in 2/06. I had no idea I had the injury for months just new my right side was not as strong as well as other things I thought were in my head. I am able to walk w/o a cane thus far although it has been sugested d/t assisting when I get tired. I am able to go to our local warm pool to do some walking and am hoping some of my side effects deminish such as night spams in legs and "spinal cord spasm" if that is what they are termed as. B/C of my recent surgery I am on pain meds and valium to decrease the spasms and on Zaneflex for spinal cord spasms. I want off the valium and pain meds any suggestions?

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    I can gaurentee you that you will find out alot more about what you have here than from any chatroom!!! The people here have alot of different types or levels of injuries and can tell you alot more.
    anyway Welcome

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    I don't normally post on this part of the forum. I broke my back in 2002 on a motorcycle too. I have a "type A" personality, impatient, aggressive, pushy. I don't anymore, as others have said, you will have to learn patience.

    There currently is nothing being offered treatment wise that will produce significant functional recovery.

    Remember, you need to treat your spinal cord injury, not your emotions.

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    thanks for the reply. now to ask a couple of unrelated spinal cord unjury questions. 1-if someone has got two profiles how do change it. I am listed as jeannie and beans .

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