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Thread: i'm new and confused?!

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    Looks like we have the biker gang here...T6 here in 8/02, me vs. guardrail. My left side and spine took the brunt of it. I think everyone on a bike are of very similar personalities, and then dealing with SCI is one of the hardest parts for those types of people. But throwing all caution to the wind in hopes the latest snake oil will give a miracle cure isnt a way out. Right now everything out there is snake oil. I can say that with time things do get a little better. Nothing all wonderful or anything like that, but looking back how I was 6 months post compared to now, well, it's better. Hope this helps.

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    Your accident sounds a lot like my husband's. He is a T-7 complete injury as of right now. He had a 17 year old girl pull across in front of him too. He also had a calapsed lung and broken left wrist and right thumb which they did not find until he had been in the hospital for 2 weeks. I believe he had 8 broken ribs. His accident happened in Oct o6 on his way to work. He just came home from Rehab on Dec. 9 and has only had 4 sessions of therapy since. We are changing insurance and hopefully we will get him moving quickly. He has been a very motivated person, but luckily he is very patient. His therapist ask him what goals he has and he will only say to walk again. I believe that if anyone can do it he will. He also had a piece of T-7 bone break off and puncture his cord. His doctors keep saying we won't really know what he will get back for atleast 18 months. We believe the more we work at it the more possible it is. At the rehab he had the chance to be at, there is a machine call an Autoambulator. It is like a special kind of treadmill. It will help you create walking motions and it uses a computer to sense whether your muscles kick in to help and then it will compensate for that. So if you can move your right side a little bit it will let you while it moves your left side. It's pretty cool. I watched a young lady do it. I asked about why my husband wasn't using it and was told that he is a prime candidate for it but couldn't until a year post-op. It would be worth looking into. The rehab facility is called HealthSouth Sea Pines in Melbourne, FL USA. I can't wait until my husband can do it!

    Best of luck and glad you found this great website!

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    Hi James,
    sorry to hear about your accident, but you have done the right thing in coming to CareCure - it will help you a great deal over time, so post away with any questions or concerns.
    I'm also SCI - T4 - as a result of a bike accident (pillion passenger) back in 2000.
    Your injury is very new - do you know if you are complete (what is categorized as Asia A) or incomplete? Either way, things will improve for you over the next months. It's tough being without regular physio once you have left rehab (I did mine in Ireland and that's the way it goes there too), but do try to keep exercising as much as you can, building strength in your upper body, and taking on new challenges to try to push yourself further. THere will be improvements down the road, just in terms of confidence and manoeverability. And if you are incomplete, there may be more. Getting a good chair is a big factor for independence, comfort, managability etc, so make sure you look into that.
    There is a lot of research going on for a cure, but to date there is no effective and safe treatment. You'll hear and read about people going to far-off places for experimental surgeries, but really that is what they are - experimental, with no guarantees of anything and some possible risks. But in my opinion it won't be long before we start to hear of real breakthroughs. In the meantime do all you can to stay in the best shape possible and try to get back to what was your 'normal' life.
    As you are in England, one option you might want to look into is laserpuncture carried out by Dr Bohbot in France. (Just do a search for his name or laserponcture). There are many here who have been to have laserponcture and who appear to have great confidence in it. I went myself but unfortunately was refused due to a dislocated hip. The procedure involves not only laserponcture but also intensive physio/exercise. Whether it is the laserponcture or the exercise or the combination of both, the treatment does appear to be of some benefit. It is by no means a cure, but is a way to maximise on what you are gaining back post injury. And it does have the big advantage of not being very expensive, so is a realistic option.
    I wish you all the best. See you around the forum!

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