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    Question Medicine question

    My husband was injured in a bike accident in October. He is a T-7 complete. Just before leaving the rehab they did a urine culture and said that he had a UTI. They put him on Macrobid twice a day for 10 days then said he would have to take it once everyday for the rest of his life. I am a little leary about him taking an antibiotic everyday forever. Should he really take it everyday forever?

    He never has been a medicine person before this acccident. I couldn't even give him advil. He really doesn't like taking all the vitamins and medicines everyday.

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    there is no way he should take macrbid for the rest of his life!
    he will ruin his immune system and have to take stronger and stronger antibiotics if he gets caught up in that route.
    once he gets over his uti he will be his old self again.

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    I was told that also....I also did not listen. Some Uros will tell you that it is a maintenance dose....I am just a little apprehensive at taking a medicine all the time.

    Maybe you should seek a second opinion. SCI nurse will have some good advice for you...

    Welcome to CC. Sorry for your husbands injury but Carecare will help you alot with questions some doctors wont/cant answer....
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    The routine use of an antibiotic like this for prevention of UTI in all people with SCI is outdated. I would suggest you get your husband to a urologist who is an expert in SCI and have a complete evaluation of his bladder management as well as his medications.

    I would also encourage you to print out this document, read it, and share it with his health care providers:


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    Thank you for all of your quick responses. He just began on my ins. and we had to find a doctor since he never went to a doctor before this. We go on Friday to the primary care and then will start a search for a uro. Anybody have any suggestions for a uro. that deals with SCI in the central Florida area (Orlando or Brevard County).

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    In Orlando, go see Dr Brady with Winter Park Urology. His office is on Mills Avenue. He's WONDERFUL! The office can get pretty busy, but they're wonderful, know their stuff and great to work with. I don't know if it still takes this long, but when I first went to them, it took about 6 weeks for a new patient appt. Now it doesn't necesarily take that long to get in once you're established, but new patient appts are always longer and more complex, so they take longer to get scheduled in...

    If you need a Physiatrist recommendation in the Orlando area, I can recommend one too...NOT affiliated with the horrendous rehab there....
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    Also keep in mind that they load you up with Rx's to cover any contingency real or imagined. After leaving rehab with some 10 prescriptions, half of them got ignored, a year or two later I realised that taking all those drugs were more trouble than they are worth. Who knows what sort of crud you husband could have picked up in rehab too, maybe that will just clear itself up as well. Is he symptomatic at all? And welcome, T6 bike wreck here too.

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    Thanks Broknwing. I would love that recommendation too. I thought the one at Sea Pines was pretty good until finding out this antibiotic thing is out dated. What rehab in Orlando are you talking about? I am trying to look into another one. I want him to go back to Sea Pines after a year because they have an autoambulator which I think would be great for him.
    Happy New Year!
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    Thanks Andy. He's not symptomatic and I think everythings going great for our first few weeks at home. He is already off of the pain patch and seems to think that advil does a better job with his pain than the pain meds. We are working on one day at a time.

    Happy New Year!

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    Another excellent resource re urinary matters is Bladder Management for Adults with Spinal Cord Injury, from Paralyzed Veterans of America. Although written for practitioners, it's very easily understandable. I think KLD was the first to post its availability a few months ago. Pay close attention to the difference between a UTI and bladder colonization.
    That you now have a reference (from Broknwing) to a urologist knowledgable about SCI problems is fantastic. I wish we could find one around here...
    - Richard

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